Charlie Sheen Videos: Charlie Sheen on Morning TV: Adonis DNA: Champagne Wine Okay

A very thin, almost emaciated-looking Charlie Sheen flushes the toilet on morning tv – career goes with it. Sheen talks about the scam of AA and how he cured himself of his addictions at The Sober Valley Lodge (his own home). Sheen says he cured his disease with his mind. There’s more talk about the “jibberish of fools,” (meaning everyone but himself). Sheen’s show Two-and-a-Half Men has been cancelled by the producers, who he says are trying to take all his money, but…they started a war with a Warlock. He plans to fight them with “zeal” and “violent hatred.”  Sheen says people who keep falling to their addictions are weak and failures. He, however, has “Adonis DNA,” and “Tiger Blood.” Since celebrations are celebrated with Champagne and wine, he will, perhaps, continue when he wants. See the videos below (please excuse the formatting).


Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen Flushes the Toilet – Career Follows (video)

Charlie Sheen (video)

The Other McCain has more on Charlie, including comments on Sheen’s nobility and chivalry.

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  • wow. he’s come undone.

  • In the real world, and those of us with experience dealing with this type, a wet brain ward in a state hospital may his finale resting place. I will ask God to send him a special blessing.

  • I am so sick of this pig… that hooker he just gave $30K -the one he snorted coke for two days- looks like she’s forteen

  • His interview should be titled, “This is what a coke-head looks and sounds like.”

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  • Seems that Charlie Sheen wants to come back to the “Two and a Half Man” series! Everything with a payment of $3 million for one episode! I believe he is a funny guy, I enjoyed the series, but that payment seems to me hilarious. Anyhow, I’m questioning if the series will actually go on or not.