Bill O’Reilly David Gregory: Boehner and Birthers Video

Mary Katherine Ham stands resolute against O’Reilly’s foolish diatribe about the importance of Obama’s birth status. In the video, David Gregory basically calls John Boehner “ignorant” for not speaking against the “ignorance” of the

Mary Katherine Ham

American people, and the position of some that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. O’Reilly says the whole issue does not matter, “Obama was not born in Indonesia – or wherever,” and Obama is not a Muslim. Let me ask readers, have you heard any rumors that Obama was born in Indonesia? Weird.

Mary Katherine Ham points out a clear double standard with Gregory, Chris Matthews (who asked why Obama does not demand the release of his birth certificate – see the video) and Bill Mahr.

O’Reilly calls the nine Congressmen calling for legislation to settle Obama’s legitimacy “pinheads.” Says it is all a grab for press attention. See snippets of the key conversation from the rush transcript below the video. To hear the whole debacle, watch the video. (my apologies about the video placement – this seems to be where it wants to be placed)

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I have two thoughts. One is that Brian Williams, before Gregory asked this was asking the same questions of Boehner. And if there is a pattern emerging that NBC says seems like their story, which is that they can’t get the Republican leadership to repudiate the birthers or the people that think that Obama is a Muslim. And so, I think they are saying it’s not an act of leadership on the part of the top elected Republican officials in the country to somehow say it’s not our business. People can think what they want to think or, you know, it’s a matter of opinion as opposed to saying, you know what, this man’s our president and we’re not going to play politics about this. This is beneath us to in any way allow this to go on. That’s a good point by NBC, I think.

WILLIAM: Why are there nine congressmen — Republican congressmen, I think, who have introduced some kind of legislation to question whether Obama is an American citizen?

HAM: But this is. I want to talk about the double standards because Bill Maher on Friday night, two days before this happened was saying, hey, I don’t believe Obama is a Christian. Why is that? He thinks is he a secular humanist. So, he’s actually legitimate.

O’REILLY: Here’s the deal. I want everybody to understand. The issue doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Same clear-thinking people understand the President is not a Muslim. And he wasn’t born in Indonesia or whatever they are putting out there. So why does “Meet the Press” and NBC News take up valuable air time to hammer a guy who has nothing to do with it, Boehner. He has no dog in the hunt. Why? What are they trying to do, Juan? There must be a reason.

  • David Gregory was just going for a slip. He wasn’t interviewing he was trying to ambush. Sorry, I wouldn’t trust the liberal press ever.

  • I’m about over listening to O’Reilly.. two weeks after his interview with Obama, he’s still devoting huge parts of his show to patting himself on his back about it. Never saw it and wouldn’t have tuned it in. O’Reilly is just to in love with his own intellect. He keeps this up and he’s going to throw his arm out of it’s socket, trying to pat himself on his own back.