Bill O’Reilly Barack Obama Interview: Sarah Palin on GOProud

I won’t have a chance to view this until later today (missed it last yesterday), or view opinions about the interview around

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the Internet – so my commentary later. The only thing I’ve heard mentioned is that when asked about the worst part of being president, Obama said is was living in his own “bubble” where he is continually watched and scrutinized.

The one piece of commentary I’ve seen was shocked that the “worst” thing about being the man to run to the country was not sending our troops into war.

And the other thing, O’Reilly quotes the Wall Street Journal saying Obama wants to redistribute wealth. Obama denies it. Where’s Joe the Plumber? Liar.

I’ve learned one thing though, unabashed groveling does work. Bill got the interview – again. More later. I’d love to hear your comments.

There’s so much news out there I’ll miss this a.m. I see Sarah Palin is defending GOProud’s attendance at CPAC, but she will not be attending. Democrat stratigest Kristen Powers said her relatives in Egypt DO believe the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo SHOULD BE a concern.

And the EPA will regulate the dairy milked spilled by cows. Someone’s gotta do it.

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  • The interview was an epic fail…..IMHO.