Bill Maher Muslim Women: Video Tavis Smiley: Muslim Women Treated Same as American Women

The story today about Bill Maher and an audience heckler is big news, but for the wrong reason. The heckler isn’t the real story. The real story is one of Maher’s panelists, Tavis Smiley, saying this about the treatment of Muslim women:

Tavis Smiley

“as if we somehow treat women in this country better,”…

Smiley – somehow equating the treatment of women in America to the treatment of Muslim women.

The audience heckler gets started with:

Do you know what hell-fire missles do to Mulim women?”

…and goes on and on. It’s difficult to understand all that the heckler is saying, but I believe he threatens “battery” charges as he is being removed from the studio.

The second video below is Smiley interviewing Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Muslim, now Christian, who has to abide Smiley telling her Christians are far more violent than Muslims. Hot Air has more on the Smiley-Hirsi Ali interview and Breitbart also.

Bill Maher, Muslim Women and Heckler (video)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Tavis Smiley (video)

  • Smiley is just wrong. Christians don’t do these things. People in a Christian nation might do them, but that doesn’t make them Christian. There is a difference.

    • Carl, good point. The other thing is, the Koran allows Muslims to do the things Smiley says Christians do, but our Bible doesn’t demand it. The Koran does. The hate toward free peoples is a direct result of their holy book.

  • Maggie agreed 100% & the Koran is far from holy, it full of BS just like this guy Smiley!
    BTW this ‘supposed Christian’ Smiley is prejudice as hell and trying to make a name for himself.
    People nowadays that agree with Obama who is a Muslim, that are on these perverted talk shows like Mayer and Oprah are doing our country a disservice in lying like this. They should not be allowed an interview to talk this trash.

  • Duck Manson

    He’s obviously just looking for attention. Either that or he’s a complete idiot.

  • C Rothe

    That heckler said two sentences. In the middle of the second sentence, security picked him up, without asking him to leave, threw him to the ground, stomped on his head with their shoes, strangled him and dislodged his glasses. When he asked for his glasses, security promised to smash them once they were found. He was handcuffed, taken away by police. He visited an emergency room where the strangle marks on his chest and neck were documented. Regardless of our political persuasions, we must all agree that this brutal, authoritarian response to free speech expression (remember, the heckler was never asked to leave, he was brutalized from the start) cannot be tolerated in a democracy. Outrage must be our response lest this kind of suppression become the norm. Let HBO know what you think. They have taken the video off of you tube.