Big Sis Sics Mob on Darrell Issa: Issa Subpoenaes DHS Officials

Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, has called out the taxpayer paid mob, racking up 600 manhours to thwart Rep. Darrell Issa’s successful “oversight” of the Department of Homeland Security. Issa believes political appointees inside the DHS have restricted information requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Folks, if you’re paying attention, you know Obama political appointees are a huge problem.

Issa (R-CA) is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and has requested 3,000 pages of documents from the DHS. Napolitano ignored the first two deadlines but says now she respects his position and is complying. An Issa spokesman says the concern with the DHS is their reluctance to allow key officials to participate in “transcribed interviews.”

The FOIA dispute has its roots in an Associated Press story from 2010, when the wire reported that the department was sending FOIA requests through political appointees on a wide range of issues. The AP story said that lawmakers who filed FOIA requests were being identified by party, and the process of kicking requests to more senior officials delayed the release time of many requests.

Congressman Issa has issued subpoenaes for two career DHS officials, and he has a whistleblower providing information about the FOIA process inside the Department of Homeland Security. In response, Napolitano dispatched a 21-man team to respond to Issa’s requests.

The Daily Caller:

The team includes 15 lawyers and six “support staff” who have logged over 600 hours working to find documents and review them before sending more than 3,000 pages to Issa, the source says.

Issa has asked for all emails between the DHS and the White House regarding the FOIA, and he is accusing the DHS of ignoring Obama’s call for openness and transparency in government. Democrats says Issa has not invited them to participate in the investigations. Napolitano’s stall has likely given these Obama hooligans adequate time to destroy any unsavory evidence, and threaten whomever they need to threaten to shut-the-heck-up. May Issa stay strong and committed.

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  • I hope Rep. Issa stays strong and exposes the truth about all the shenanigans or illegal activities that the DHS has been committing.

    • Hi Teresa, Issa committed to doing these things before the elections. I also hope he will keep his commitment.

  • BobF

    Her team has to make sure the documents are scrubbed clean before she turns them over.

    Can you imagine the outrage by the media if this had been done under Bush?

  • Nappy brought about 40 plus folks with her from Arizona, all of who would have been out of a job. Most are young with zero experience in anything but make big bucks(all over $125K most more) Been trying to find out who and were these folks went when they got to DC. This may be part of the answer, being used as interference runners.
    They are doing the same thing with the media, for those who DARE to ask.
    Then, there’s the FOIA we sent well over a year ago and the follow up. Nothing, but a BS response that they received the request, which met the letter of the law at that time. The Congressman and staff have their work cut out for them.

    • afticker, I don’t doubt all of that is true. Think how our country could thrive if we enforced our own laws.

  • What happened to the “transparency?”

  • The EPA and NASA routinely ignore FOIA requests related to climate change and climate change policies. Even the Wall Street Journal can’t get them to hand over information.

    • Country Thinker, we’ve reached the place in America where the Rule of Law is simply ignored. If we are ever going to bring America back, we must enforce the laws that make us who we once were.

    • Matt – no transparency. It was never intended. Words…just words.

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