Arizona Jan Brewer Fight Back: Counter Sues Feds for Not Protecting Arizona

God bless this woman and Arizona. Her actions will serve all of us, assuming we are believers in the Rule of Law and the US Constitution. Arizona is countersuing the Feds who have taken the state to court for their immigration law, SB1070, which mirrors federal law.

Governor Jan Brewer - Arizona

The countersuit is for:

1) failure to secure Arizona’s borders,
2) failure to enforce immigration laws,
3) failure to reimburse for incarceration,
4) failure to protect the public safety and welfare of Arizonans,
5) failure to uphold the 10th Amendment, and
6) prempting the people of Arizona from protecting themselves.

Fail. Fail. Fail. Woot!

Arizona Counter Sues Feds for Failure to Protect (video)