Ann Coulter CPAC 2011 Video: Coulter Prediction: If Christie Doesn’t Run, Romney is the Candidate

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter kills in this CPAC 2011 video. As funny as she is, she is devastatingly spot-on – line after line of pithy, bold truth. The second video is her question and answer session with the crowd.

Here are just a few lines:

But you know, if they want to get rid of overbearing, out of touch despots, could we start with Janet Napolitano?

Now, Liberals are shocked and appalled there is a dictator in the Middle East.

Mubarak shut down Google. Do not stand between a Liberal and his internet porn

Dont miss the line about the stolen election in Iran, at about 3:56 mins in.

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Ann Coulter CPAC 2011 Speech (video)

At 1:54 in, listen to the question about why Conservatives think democracy would work in Iraq, but not in Egypt. And 12:38 listen to her comments on the Commerce Clause. Magnificent. But perhaps the most important question Coulter gets – about the attendance and sponsorship of GOProud – begins at 16:21. She is completely serious about her answer.

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  • Maggie and Country Thinker, it seems that the Wall Street Journal has joined our tripartite discussion of weather the Administration acts by incompetency or by design in the piece “Obama Isn’t Trying to Weaken America” by Michael Medved.
    I agree that there are electoral consequences between the two approaches and I will add that the ultimate aim that would benefit the nation the most is to get somebody else into the White House by 2012.

  • I agree with Coulter; if the GOP nominates Romney, we will lose again.