Allen West VP Candidate? Gingrich West Ticket?

Newt Gingrich is such a loose cannon. He says three things I love and then completely decimates conservatism with the fourth. At a Palm Beach County fundraiser, Gingrich said if he wins the Republican nomination for president he will “strongly consider” a Floridian as his running mate. He specifically mentioned new Republican Congressman Allen West, an American hero by every measure and a true conservative, which Gingrich is not.

Allen West

When West was asked about the Gingrich statement he said this:

“I have to pray about it and I have to clear it with my wife and two daughters,” he added. “I never thought that seven years ago when I retired here I’d be a United States Congressman.”

I would come close to voting for whomever puts West on the ticket for Vice President, because I believe he will hold that person’s feet to fire. The other bonus is, I would have the opportunity to vote for West for president in 2020.

How I would love to see West as a VP candidate! Read about West and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) here. Watch West’s CPAC 2011 video here. Allen West on The Patriot Act. Watch an incredible speech by West on Empowering Your Spirit. Read about West’s amazing military career, and how he did the most he could to protect the men and women serving under him.

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  • Maggie,
    I agree with you that I too would love West on the ticket.But not with Newt.

    • I agree, but my position is, once we find a candidate I will support whomever it may be – with enthusiasm (even if I’m not feeling it on the inside). Any candidate will be a better candidate with West by his/her side.

  • The 2012 GOP list of presidential candidates troubles me. Perhaps if the GOP began looking like a strong conservative group standing on principle and delivering solutions even liberals couldn’t whine about because they work I would be more optimistic. But that requires actually getting something done.

    • I agree Stanford. We won’t know until the Boehner agenda moves forward. Will they do it? Don’t know. I pray they will.

  • No Newt for me- permanently damaged by NY23 Scozzafava fiasco imho

    • RR, No Newt for me either – unless I have no other choice.

  • No MORE RINOs… Newt is NOT a viable candidate… He is not someone that I would support at all… Even over Obama… People like Newt are why we have 3rd Party options..

    • Fred, I completely agree, but would you actually vote for Obama?

  • Maggie, I am sore at you (joking, eh!); you stole my line “he [Gingrich] says three things I love and then completely decimates conservatism with the fourth.” You are so right about Gingrich. The man cannot be trusted. He is an establishment Republican.
    The best thing that Obama has done is to rally and bring to light so many brilliant, intelligent and true believers of conservatism. I don’t believe we need an “establishment Republican” any more.

    • Hi John, again I completely agree. I believe conservatives are going to win this battle, but I don’t deny that it will be painful.

  • Don’t rule out a Palin/West ticket. Newt will give it a go at the nomination but I agree with all of you. NO NEWT PLEASE!

    • Randy, I’m not ruling out either Palin or West. I’m completely open to every real conservative.

  • BobF

    Gingrich threw Conservative JC Watts under the bus because Watts called Jesse Jackson a “race-hustling poverty pimp”.

    Newt will throw Conservatives under the bus if it will further his political ambitions. He throws us an occasional bone but the meal is for himself only.

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