Allen West CAIR: Allen West Shows CAIR How the Truth Works

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is confronted by a man…a Muslim man, who wants to know where in the Koran it says to attack America and Americans. The Muslim man is Nezzar Hamze, the Executive Director of the council for American Islamic Relations. Apparently Hamze hadn’t a clue who he was confronting. The audio is sketchy for awhile, and the audience begins cheering West on, but then the sound repairs and you don’t want to miss what Congressman West has to say.

Allen West

I want to say thank you to Trevor Loudon at New Zeal Blog who has just lived through yesterday’s Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake. He says he is fine, his family is fine, they have a roof over their heads and water to drink. In the meantime Trevor is tweeting about communists backing Wisconsin’s Solidarity Protests and posting the following video. West and Loudon are great conservatives. We are a better world for them, and I’m sending blessings to Trevor and all those affected in this devastating earthquake.

Allen West and CAIR (video)