Zeitgeist’s Progressive Film Award Tied to Soros Petrobras

Today R.S. McCain at The Other McCain broke the news that Jared Loughner’s obsession, the film Zeitgeist, won a Progressive film award at the Artivist film festival (art + activist = artivist, cute). Artivist is sponsored by Brazilian oil giant, Petrobras, or at least Petrobras sponsors their film festival and is placed prominently on the Artivist website. George Soros held a controlling interest in Petrobras, until the public announcement that Obama would give Brazil at least $2 billion for oil exploration. Then Soros sold. This is important why?

Zeitgeist - Artivist Progressive Film Award

It is important because the media, while allowing the hype of Loughner’s “right-wing” tendencies to live on, refuses to talk about the Zeitgeist Movement, just as they refused to talk about Petrobras, Soros, Barack Obama and U.S. taxpayer monies.

As Sarah Palin said on Hannity last night: we must refuse to let the lies live on.

It’s just more piece of the Jared Loughner puzzle that isn’t a puzzle to anyone anymore, except Leftists. Let me lay it out:

Zeitgeist+Petrobras+GeorgeSoros+JaredLoughner =Far Left Moonbat.

Zeitgeist received Artivist’s “Best Feature Artivist Spirit” award. “Spirit” is a take on the definition of the German word “Zeitgeist,” which in general is: “the spirit of the time(s)” or “the spirit of the age.”

From ArtivistZeitgeist, Best Feature Artivist Spirit

Zeitgeist was created in the hope that that it will inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective, and to relay the understanding that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The film is an expose on the social fallacies that currently plague this fundamental progerss by way of critically analyzing common political, religious and economic understandings which most have assumed to be true.

About the word “Progressive” and Artivist, via The Other McCain:

ARTIVIST is a leader in the Progressive and Green movement, and has received public endorsements from various global leaders and organizations including the UNITED NATIONS and Claes Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize Family.

Films Premiered at the Artivist Film Festival have received international acclaim such as ACADEMY AWARD winner “Born Into Brothels”, ACADEMY AWARD Nominees “Super-Size Me” and “God Sleeps in Rwanda”, “Fast Food Nation”,  “Emmanuelle’s Gift”, “Zeitgeist”, “Trudell“, “Stolen Childhoods”, and more.

Artivist is produced by THE ARTIVIST COLLECTIVE, INC.

A “right-wing” organization would choose to over-pay taxes before attaching the word “COLLECTIVE” to  any part of their business. The United Nations would rather endorse Kim Jong-il than an American business routinely reporting profits (a majorly-green company might be the exception). George Soros would not hold controlling interest in any company sponsoring “right-wing” causes.

And one more – yet another distinction for Zeitgeist discovered by McCain: the “Activist Atheist” award. Looks like he may be offering beers for a particular piece of evidence. Atheist=Left

The point: There is nothing “right-wing” about Jared Loughner.

Linked by Karen at The Lonely Conservative


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  • Great job uncovering the Soros-Zeitgeist link, Maggie. Somehow, I’m not surprised. The guy seems to own a piece of every left-wing trough in the world. And thanks for the linkbacks to my 2 posts.

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  • Nomen

    Soros’ hedge fund bought $811 million of PETROBRAS stock in 2008. That’s a lot of money, but PETROBRAS is one of the biggest corporations in the western hemisphere, and Soros’ purchase did not give him a controlling interest in the company. The Brazilian government still owns a majority of the stock. PETROBRAS also has a huge cultural arts grant program, which includes a subprogram of sponsoring film festivals. Artivist is just one of some 30 festivals that receive grants from PETROBRAS. Zeitgeist won the Artivist award months before Soros bought any PETROBRAS stock.

    It’s just plain dishonest to say Soros had a controlling interest in PETROBRAS, and that his management decisions for his hedge fund had something to do with Zeitgeist.

    • Nomen, no there is nothing dishonest about what I said. Soros held voting power within Petrobras until he converted common shares into preferred stock with a high dividend. In the meantime, Obama was banning drilling from Petrobras American competition.

      My point that Soros would never fund a “right-wing” organization stands.

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