Zeitgeist on Christianity: If it Bothers You…

If you have watched the movie Zeitgeist, and sat in a state of shock as Christianity was was described as a mythological construct, some willing to put their name on the InterWeb have answered Zeitgeist directly.


Much like The DaVinci Code, I knew that young and vulnerable minds (and others as well) would believe the trash that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and his offspring lives in France today, as portrayed in Dan Brown’s movie and book. Sure enough, many believe it to be so, and if you do an online search you’ll see where some dialog says it is “likely” Jesus was married. Most of the searches lead back to The DaVinci Code.

The same with Zeitgeist, now that I have suffered through the entire two hour video. We know that Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner was obsessed with Zeitgeist, and we know he was an atheist. We don’t know whether Zeitgeist prompted Loughner’s atheism, or not, but he watched the movie over and over and over.

I found an article/resource that I think bears attention. I’m not up on my mythology, but the people quoted seem to be. You can read it make up your own mind. I cannot vouch for any of the information you will read, but again, the sources are named and you can search for each of them online. Some names you will undoubtedly recognize.

To give you an idea of what the article addresses – all in response to Zeitgiest, I’ll list the topics:

Claim 1: The Resurrection account was stolen from earlier sources.

Claim 2: The account of the Three Kings was stolen

Claim 3: Jesus never existed

Claim 4: The December 25 date was stolen

Claim 5: The account of the Virgin Birth was stolen

Claim 6: The time of Jesus’ birth is connected with the astrological cycle

Claim 7: Jesus’ life story was stolen from Mithraism

Claim 8: The Crucifixion story was stolen

Claim 9: The idea for 12 Disciples was taken from the 12 Constellations of the Zodiac

Claim 10: Horus was born of a virgin on December 25th, resurrected, etc

Claim 11: The symbol of the Cross was stolen from a cross in the zodiac

Claim 12: The works of Josephus are knowingly fraudulent and therefore not good extrabiblical evidence of Jesus’ existence

Claim 13: The story of Noah’s Flood is plagiarized from other sources

It ends with a summary of seven arguments against Christian dependence on mystery religions, and links to other articles.

Read it at Always be Ready: Analysis and Response to Zeitgeist

View the full length moving here. The part about religion is in the very early part of the film.