US House Composting Out With the Trash: Increases Energy Consumption

The GOP is taking out the trash, and Pelosi’s House composting program is deemed garbage:

The House composting plan was part of Pelosi’s initiative to make the Capitol more environmentally friendly, and that included installing low-flow toilets in House office buildings, bringing organic foods into the House cafeterias and incorporating recyclable utensils and composting programs throughout the Capitol complex.

Have you EVER seen an instance of “organic foods” being more economical than our regular old peasant-grown fruits and veggies, from plain old American soil? (or Mexican soil)?  I haven’t.

But the estimated $475,000 program has only produced nominal reductions in carbon emissions – a reduction equivalent to removing one car from the road each year, according to a congressional inspector general report.

Additional energy was being used for the pulping process that breaks down the biodegradable materials, and that required additional electricity

Pelosi’s spokesman said she is “disappointed” to see her “important” work “suspended.”

  • eric

    You are kidding me right? I am a son of an organic farmer (conservatives btw), I worked 15 acres with my mom and two brothers and brought fresh, organic, produce to market for HALF the price of what you find from the supermarkets and my clothes came from kmart and thrift shops when I was a kid…….. and those peasant farmers you speak of are millionaires…….. conventional farmers (the ones who contaminate our rivers with pesticides and nitrates) are the ones making all the money because they don’t care about the environment and dump all the trash they want into their soil to get the highest yield. Go find me a poor conventional farmer, you can’t, they hire illegals and pay them squat while they sit back as whipping boys.
    GOP or lib, people need to get real and maybe think for a second that the science is real and our environment is going to hell, and even though you are going to be dead by the time it occurs, me and my children are going to be suffering through the greed and selfishness of our parents….. oil isn’t forever thats a fact…….10 billion on this planet by 2100 thats a fact………. but who knows, god will probably deliver us from this planet before we rape it to the point of our own extinction, just like he did for the Romans or the natives of easter island…….oh wait he didn’t for them and will not for us. read tragedy of the commons by Garrett Hardin, its only a couple of pages, you can handle it……