Unions in the Streets of America?

Negotiations with this country’s powerful unions are contentious to say the least. Union insolvency is only a problem for those not a union member, because it is non-union members who will be required to bring union pensions out of the red. Unions plan no sensible or equitable negotiations. The thing to remember: they plan for us to lose, and for the taxpayer to bail them out. BigGovernment says we will have “socialist protests” in the U.S., and have them soon, and if our leaders are serious about our fiscal health, the clash is unavoidable.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! ~ Benjamin Franklin

Big Government by Kyle Olson:

And some are still putting the problem off – and actually making it worse – by continuing to negotiate multi-year contracts with unions with no real way to pay for them. That’s particularly true in our nation’s public schools. In Anderson, Indiana, the union-controlled school board recently tried to pull a fast one and actully negotiated an unheard-of 10-year contract with the teachers union.  Community outrage led to court action and the length of the contract was cut to 5 years – still way too long in this economic climate.

Olson theorizes that in states without strong school unions, big changes will be made: performance pay implemented, employees paying more for their health care, etc. – and these conservative actions will bring union members into the streets and onto the steps of Capitol Hill.  Read it at BigGovernment.

The question comes back to the rats scurrying through the halls of Congress, and what they will do, or try to do, to take care of their Liberal base, and what the new Conservative Congress can do to protect you and me. Take a look at this article from The Foundry, and how a Congresswoman simply made-up numbers of fake jobs saved to justify government bailouts. And then read how the American Federation of Teachers paid ACORN thousands.

Kyle Olson suggests we meet them: the AFL-CIO, SEIU, NEA and AFT in streets. I can hear the wheels of the TEA Party movement grinding in concert with our Constitution, and the sound of our Founders furiously twirling in their graves.

  • My late, former father-in -law , a member of the United Mine Workers for years said that Unions are like dinosaurs, they just need to be extinct. He said that Unions in the old days did some good, now all they represent are the boys with a double wide, a new pickup and who want to go deer hunting on opening day. All they care about is getting more money, which raises prices for everyone and does nothing for their future.
    He was indeed a wise man.
    There will come a time that we will meet them in the streets and it ai’t gonna be pretty. Bloody Williamson comes to mind but at that time the Unions had a point. Not so now. It’s all about politics and enriching the Union bosses. They could give a rats butt about the rank and file.