Tucson Memorial Jumbotron Shows ‘Applause’ Prompt?

In the photo screen-grab below, Barack Obama is giving his speech at the memorial for the Tucson shooting victims, and you clearly see the Jumbotron prompting the audience to applaud. Or…

Tucson Shooting Victim Memorial Jumbotron

The [applause] text could have been for the benefit of the deaf – not telling them to applaud, but telling them the audience was applauding. I don’t know. I believe this administration is about as crass and opportunistic as they can get away with. Perhaps the wildly cheering audience was not told to applaud, and were simply Obamophiles thronging in to hear their hero, or…the [applause] sign was actually prompting applause. A short visit around the InterTubes shows many, many came just to hear their idol speak, not to memorialize. One example:

Tucson High School juniors Kiersten Jund and Melanie Hanson, both 17, had a pizza delivered to them in line. They skipped school and had been waiting in line since 10:15 a.m. for a chance to hear Obama speak.
“We’re probably going to learn more here than in school,” Jund said.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Hanson said.

If you were there, and know what the Jumbotron was up to, let me know.

Andy Martin points out that Obama’s speech included coming to “kneel to pray,” but there was no kneeling and there was no praying. Martin also says not one local clergyman, not a Rabbi, not a Priest – not one was present. Assuming he does not mean, none were a part of the program – that, in fact, none were present, that is astonishing. If you know of any member of the clergy being present, simply there to be in the presence of mourners, please let me know.

About those blue ‘Together We Thrive’ t-shirts: Remember the earliest report with photo saying the blue t-shirts were for volunteers, alluding that the many, many t-shirts were there for the many, many volunteers. Not so. Volunteers wore red ‘Together We Thrive’  t-shirts. See that photo here. The blue t-shirts were for the loud, brash and disrespectful Obama minions, led by their University of Arizona president, Robert N. Shelton. The t-shirts cost $60,000 and were paid for by the university, no doubt meaning taxpayers.

Thanks to Larwyn for the Jumbotron tip:

  • I would think it would be for the benefit of the deaf. I didn’t notice a sign language person on the stage like you usually see. But, like you said, who knows with this guy.

    • Often, the signer is in front of a special section set aside for deaf, since arenas are huge. I don’t know about this time. I have a feeling we will hear the real story before long.

  • I’m sure you’ve also heard by now that the awful, off-topic and inappropriate slogan was actually recycled from Organizing for America’s 2008 Obama propaganda. Rumor has it that in addition to the slogan, it also has DNC’s “Rocking America and Rocking the Vote” on them too.

    • oops! I see from your other posts that you have indeed read all about it. My bad. 🙂

      • No problem Zilla. We can’t know everything blogged about. I did not know about Rocking the Vote and Rocking America on the t-shirts. Have you seen a pic?

        • No, Maggie, I haven’t seen any pics yet but I’d really like to. It should be easy enough to confirm or debunk the rumor considering how many of those awful things were handed out. The claim was first made in an article at Canada Free Press and I’ve since seen it repeated, but no proof via images as of yet.

          • It will come out sooner or later. The Canada Free Press is a great resource.

  • That “applause” line looks like it’s for closed captioning, but isn’t it too bad that we even have a question about it? That’s because the Left has a history of turning a solemn occasion into a pep rally (e.g., Wellstone Memorial). If Obama had any class, he would have told the crowd to hold the applause.

    • TCL, there was no reason for Obama not to do just as you suggested. One time, please hold the applause for this Memorial to the lost and wounded. That would have been all needed to get things back on a respectful track.

      I don’t know if he is to blame for planning the chaos, but he is to blame for allowing it to continue.

      • I agree totally, Maggie. If you look at the speech again, you’ll notice that Obama uses the same cadence he did in his campaign speeches. He literally pauses for the applause and at several times in his “memorial address” , his voice rises to thunderous levels – a tactic used to build up to applause.
        I didn’t expect him to say “don’t applaud” because that is anti-narcissistic but to see him invite the hollering and applause was beyond the pale.

        As for the Jumbotron, I think it is a closed captioning at the offsite overflow center.

        • I did read that it was the over-flow area, but then couldn’t find the article to link.

    • ConcernedForAmerica

      You have a question about it because you’re a right winger thats obsessed with finding fault in any possible thing you could.

      • No.. Holger is just observing.. as I did and I agree with Holger. Your making an assumption we’re trying to find fault… Well we don’t have to try anything.. we just find. Now if that bothers you.. you have the freedom not to read what Holger or Maggie, or anyone who disagrees with you, has to say.. tune us out, and then you’ll be a real happy mind numbed robot..
        I’m sure you looked at George Bush’s speachs in the same way.. open minded and level headed.

  • Carol Orticari

    Though I found the atmosphere reamzrkable for what I imgained a more solemn event, because I wasn’t there and it seems many university students were, so with that perhaps I can undestand a bit more clearly. Again, I try to refrain from judging events in whcih I have not or am not taking part. So I will reserve my feelings and judgement, to honor all those who experienced the wrath and insanity of the gunman.

  • Classy folks

  • I believe it is a .. closed captioning for the deaf.. and believe me I’m no fan of Mr. O.. I still can’t listen to him… I feel like I’d rather read what he said than be sucked in by his oratory.. So maybe the deaf have an advantage..
    As far as what one commenter here said.. on one of Maggies link’s to this story..

    Dave in Houston commented:
    Is it me, or is our Prez looking a bit old and gray these days?

    If he’s looking older.. it’s not because of the pressure of office.. maybe it’s all the stress of planning all those vacations. I’ve never gone on a vacation.. I’m 65 and the last time I did was as a child with my parents to Yellowstone Park. I haven’t the extra mullah to travel anywhere on vacation and that mullah is getting harder to come by..

    • David, my friend, you MUST take a vacation! My gosh guy! Well, okay, I know you live in paradise anyway, so just a stroll out your door is all the vacation you might need…Nah…you need a vacation!

      • Yeah … I need a couple of weeks in the tropics.. on a beach.. No.. can’t do that.. I’d scare the tourists away.. lol Besides, vacations by one’s self is not all that fun.

  • Cam Jones

    I beleive even the deafest of the deaf know when the crowd they are sitting amongst is applauding. I do not buy that IF this was in text on the display, that was it’s purpose. I am skeptical that the photo above is genuine. It is simple to photoshop something like that onto a photo. I’m not saying it’s a fake, just that it could be.

    • Cam Jones, the “photo” is a screen grab of a photo, I believe, grabbed by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. I think the person who took the photo had some communication with him.

      I believe it served the over-flow area, and probably closed captioning – telling the audience what was actually going on.

  • Mark De Monbrun

    My wife is deaf. It is typical when watching TV with her that the closed-captioning display shows “applause” in parenthesis when the audience on say, a talk show is applauding. Much ado about nothing.

    As for the t-shirts….Get real people. Inspirational messages and mementos of the occasion at funerals and/or memorial services are also quite typical.

    In closing, the idea that the memorial was meant to be a political event is ludicrous.