Tom Coburn: How to Fix Social Security Video

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), who will term limit himself in January 2013, has a plan for making Social Security solvent for 125 years.

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Cartoon credit: Thanks to Gary Varvel Cartoons and Virtual Mirage

  • I could be biased, but Senator Coburn always seems to make a lot of sense.

  • I spend part of my time in OKC. I am so proud of our Senators Colburn and Inhofe. I will be sorry to see Colburn leave but I am strongly in favor of term limits. Ok will find another strong conservative to replace him.JS

  • I’m starting to get my first Social Security Check next month. As an artist thst has lived basicly month to month, it could be the difference between eating and not. I am a good artist, never was good with money.. so for me the very little I’ll get will be a god sent.