Tiger Wood Highest Paid Athlete 2010

He didn’t win a tournament but the cash keeps rolling for frisky Tiger Woods. Tiger, the No. 2 ranked golfer earned $74.2 million – again without winning a single tournament. Tournament winnings were $2.29 million, with the remainder coming from endorsements and appearances.

In 2009, Tiger earned $90 million for the calendar year to hold the Number 1 spot – down from almost $128 million in 2008 (depending on the source).

Phil Mickelson comes in at second with $40.18 million, Arnold Palmer and Greg Norman is third and fourth with $36 million and $30 million, respectively. Jack Nicklaus rounds out the top five with $25.17 million.

After his $10 million bonus for his victory at the PGA Tour’s season-long FedEx Cup last September, Jim Furyk is at number 6 with $23.58 million. Rounding out the top ten are Ernie Els, Gary Player, Lee Westwood, and Padraig Harrington.

After news of Tiger’s raunchy life with numerous raunchy women broke, he lost the sponsorships of Accenture and AT&T, amounting to $35 million. Brit Lee Westwood snatched the No. 1 ranked golfer title from Woods in November 2010.

  • So that would make Elin the highest paid ex-wife of an athlete?