Three Dems Vote for Repeal: ObamaCare Repeal Vote 245-189:

After a seven hour floor debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare , or more aptly named by Rep. Michele Bachmann, “the crown jewel of socialism, the vote was 245 for repeal, 189 against. The thing is done. Three Democrats voted with Republicans for repeal: Democrat Congressmen Dan Bored (OK), Mike Ross (AR) and Mike McIntyre (NC). Rep. Larry Kissell (NC) was a ‘yes’ vote, before he voted ‘no’ today.

On Thursday, Speaker Boehner will instruct House committees to begin to draft replacement legislation. Boehner also says there is no timetable for the legislation to be completed. Discouraging. Hopefully, key House members have been working on a replacement bill for months.

Just heard on Fox News that the percentage of the passage of the repeal of ObamaCare is greater than the percentage of those voting for the legislation in December 2009. Sorry, I do not have that percentage at this minute, but the point – repealing is more popular than turning the original bill into law.

A couple of good articles relating to the reason for the repeal and how to repeal it in the Senate: at The Lonely Conservative – WSJ Editors Weigh in on Obama’s Regulatory Review (including ObamaCare), and at RedState – Repeal of ObamaCare in the Senate – How to Do It via The Lonely Conservative, again.

Graphic credit: Frugal Cafe

  • I just went to the Frugal Cafe Website.. the video associated with their article on youtube has a “The Youtube account has been terminated” in place of the video.. Thought you should know Maggie.
    By the way.. doesn’t that crown look a bit tarnished..?
    My feeling is, we have elections in 2012 for a lot of Senators.. or at least enough of them, that I’m thinking they’ll be looking at this past election and seeing that the countries anger will be heard again at the ballot box for any Senator who votes not to repeal this health and job KILLING bill. I’m thinking that Harry won’t be able to do anything to stop the newly awakened Senators. I could be wrong.. but I have faith that rats run to the mooring lines when the ship is sinking.