The Kennedys Trailer: History Channel Pulls Movie via Caroline Maria

The History Channel says they have cancelled The Kennedys mini-series because it is not “factually” accurate and/or it is not ‘fit’ for “the History brand.” Still yet, it will be aired in Canada and generally, internationally. So much for standards and brands. Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver were successful in their efforts to keep it from showing on the prestigious History Channel. See the trailer below.

The Kennedy's: Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes

The 8-part mini-series starring Greg Kinnear as JFK and Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy reportedly had no complaints from cosponsors:

But behind the scenes, members of the Kennedy family strongly lobbied AETN to kill the project since it was announced in December 2009, according to a source close to the situation. In recent weeks, those efforts intensified.

JFK daughter, Caroline, has some bargaining power. The A&E Television Networks is the parent company of  The History Channel (AETN). AETN includes Disney/ABC. Caroline is scheduled to edit a book through Disney publishing, about her father for the 50th anniversary of his death. She will also write an introduction and she will promote it:

…Caroline is expected to reveal some of the 6.5 hours of previously unheard audiotapes of the former First Lady that form the basis of the book.

But that level of cooperation might have been unlikely if History had gone ahead with the Kennedys project,

Maria Shriver has her influence at former employer NBC. She was vocal with her objections to The Kennedy’s, which is scheduled to air in Canada on March 6th and other foreign locations.

Speculations are that the series will air in the U.S. on Showtime or some similar venue.

The Kennedys TV Movie Trailer (video)

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Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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