The Cult of Zeitgeist and Jared Loughner

Jared Loughner watched the movie/documentary “Zeitgeist” over and over according to at least one of Loughner’s friends – that he was so obsessed with Zeitgeist that his beliefs changed fundamentally and he began spiraling down into an ugly abyss that removed him from polite behavior, reasonable discussion and normal thinking patterns. In short, Jared Loughner became a threatening menace to those unfortunate enough to have to be around him. If you give up on reading about the Federal Reserve, as presented in the documentary, please scroll to the bottom and read about R.S. McCain at The Other McCain who is compiling comprehensive information on Zeitgeist.

Translated, “Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the time(s)” or “the spirit of the age.” It is pronounced “zeit,” rhyming with “sight,” and “geist,” rhyming with ‘heist,’ with equal emphasis on both syllables.

So what is Zeitgeist about? What was Loughner obsessed about? My opinion, after reading his website, Zeitgeist represented the truth about an evil, godless and confusing world, of man’s making, and made with man’s money. Man’s inhumanity to man is on full display.

The documentary is 2 hours, 27 minutes long. I have just watched half of it.  Loughner was obsessed with the Federal Reserve, mind control and language – or grammar as he called it, and the combination seems to have led him down his lonely path. In the beginning of the movie there is a lot of noise, ambiguous pictures and throbbing music – enough to drive anyone fixated on it, over and over, batty.

On his website Loughner said:

In conclusion, reading the second United States Constitution, I can’t trust the current government because of the ratifications: The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.No! I won’t pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver!

No I won’t trust in God!”

You’ll see the extensive coverage of the Federal Reserve and the Gold Standard below. One thing to keep in mind: Jared Loughner lived as a child, not as an adult. He is 24 years old, attending Community College for 4 years, still living with his parents, who said he could not live by himself, because he could not get or hold a job. Loughner likely paid no income taxes.

In the first segment, Christianity is debunked. Here is a taste of how Christianity, and Judiasm is represented:

There are graphics of the evolution of man, a lot of talk about the Sun as God. We hear: “what we think we understand… what we think we have become…we have been lied to. The religious institutions of this world are at the bottom of the dirt.” “Looking at the whole truth, seeking the truth so that the truth can set you free” is the quest. Apparently, Zeitgeist did this for Jared Loughner. Early in the documentary, George Carlin is quoted with his famous line: religion is major league bullsh*t.”

God is represented as a “mythological structure.” The documentary walks through mythology and recounts the many “saviors” born of virgins, saviors with disciples, saviors known as The Lamb of God and saviors crucified. In other words, Christianity is just another piece of mythology, and a pagan adaptation. There are early Noah’s, the story of Moses stolen from the myth of Sargon. The 10 Commandments are taken outright from Spell 125 Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Egyptian religion is likely the primary foundational basis for the Judeo-Christian theology. In Zeitgeist, Christianity is plagerism. “The Bible is nothing more than an “astrotheological literary hybrid.”

The second segment documents the lies about September 11, 2001 according to the Zeitgeist bunch. We’ve all seen this on “Truther” websites. Our government perpetrated 9/11/01 on the people. That’s there story. Moving on….

The third segment turns its attention to The Federal Reserve (The Central Bank) and “money.” Much of Loughner’s website ramblings are about money. He talks about “creating your own currency – your own money system.” Back to Zeitgeist:

“The King bankers put in motion, in 1907, a great scheme. They had gambled and speculated on Wall Street until so many watered stocks and bonds had been manufactured…The King bankers knew the condition and informed the favored of their friends what was to come. There was to be a panic in the Fall of 1907 that would be advertised as the result of our bad banking and currency laws. ~ Congressman Charles Lindberg 1913, [Republican]

That panic sparked the formation of a Central Bank via Senator Nelson Aldrich, [Republican] who had intimate contacts with bankers. In 1910 a secret meeting was held and the Federal Reserve Act was written by bankers. Attendees disguised their names. The Act was handed over to Congress a few days before Christmas, and passed while most members were home with their families. The newly elected Woodrow Wilson [Democrat] became president and signed it.

“This act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth…when the president signs this act, the invisible government by the money power…will be legalized.” ~ Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Republican, Congressional Record, December 22, 1913

The public was told that the Federal Reserve provided economic stability. Inflation and economic crises was a thing of the past, the public was told, but nothing could be farther than the truth. The bankers now had a streamlined machine for economic manipulation.

In 1914-1919, Feds substantially increased the money supply, resulting in extensive loans to small banks and the public. Then in 1920 the Fed deliberately contracted credit an extreme way, and just like 1907, banks called in large number of loans and just like 1907 bank runs bankruptcy and systemic collapse occurred. Numerous banks outside the system collapsed strengthening the Federal Reserve.

“Under the Federal Reserve Act, panics are scientifically created. The present panic is the first scientifically created one, worked out as we figure a mathematical equation.” ~ Charles A. Lindberg [Republican]

The panic of 1920 is just a warm up. Up to 1920, the Feds again increased the money supply. The Broker Call Loan was created, which could be called at any time. The investor put down only a fraction of the loan amount, with the brokerage putting up the remainder. If called, the loan had to be paid within 24 hours, and generally resulted in the stock being sold to repay the debt. A few months before October 1929, J.P Rockfeller, Bernard Farouk, and others, knowing the bubble was about to burst, quietly exited the market.

On October 24th, 1929 the financiers who furnished the Call Loans began calling them due, en masse. Panic, bankrupcy and the collapse of thousands of banks, allowing the big banks to gobble up the smaller ones at bargain basement prices.

Rather than the Fed once again increasing the money supply, they severely contracted it, leading to the greatest depression in our country’s history.

Louis McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee called for impeaching the Federal Reserve Board.

“Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. This evil instituton has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States…and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it. ~ Congressman Louis McFadden, [Republican from Pennsylvania]

Now, under the pretense of helping to end the depression, the Gold Standard was abolished. The Feds had to get control of all of the gold and they did so under the 1933 Gold Seizure EXECUTIVE ORDER, signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt [Democrat]. Under the threat of imprisonment of 10 years, everyone in America had to turn in their gold, in essence, they were robbed of the only wealth they had.

By the end of 1933, the Gold Standard was abolished. If you look at a dollar bill before 1933, it says redeemable in gold, today a dollar bill says it is “legal tender,” meaning it is backed by nothing.

The only thing that gives our money value is the public faith and how much of it is in circulation. Therefore, the power to regulate the money supply is also the power to regulate its value, which is also the power to manipulate and control entire economies.

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.” ~ James A. Garfield, 20the President of the United States [Republican]

Understand that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. It is about as Federal as Federal Express. It makes its own policies and is under little regulation by the U.S. Government. It is a private bank that loans all the currency at interest to the government completely consistant with the central banking model that the country sought to escape from when it declared independence in the American Revolution War.

Now, going back to 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was not the only bill pushed through Congress for the vested financial interests. They also pushed its partner, the Federal Income Tax. First of all, the Federal Income Tax is completely unconstitutional as it is a direct unapportioned tax, and the required number of states needed to ratify the Amendment to allow the Income Tax was never legally been met, and this has even been cited in modern court cases:

“If you were to go back and try to find and review the ratification of the 16th Amedment…if you went back and examined that carefully, you would find that a suffcient number of states never ratified that amendment. ~ U.S. District Court Judge James C. Fox 2003 [appointed by President Ronald Reagan, Republican]

Second, at the present day, approximately 25% of the average workers pay is taken from him to pay his income tax. This means you work 3 months out of the year to pay your government. Where does that money go? According to The Grace Commission Report:

“…100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt and by Federal Govenment contributions to transfer pyments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government. ~ The Grace Commission 1982.

The Income Tax exists to feed the Federal Reserve and Federal Government money machine, making sure the interest paymesnts are always there.

Even with the Government claim as to the legality of the Income Tax, there is apparently no clear law that requires you to pay this tax.

Here, an attorney and former IRS agent speak to confirm that there is no statute that makes a person liable. They both say they have not filed a federal income tax for years, one since 1999.

The Fourth segment is on wars. I’m stopping here, for now. More on the “cult” of Zeigeist when I complete the “documentary.”

There is also a Zeitgeist “Addendum 2008.” From the portions I watched, it is about using the human mind to bring about “radical revolution.”

It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society ~ J. Krishnamurti

…of all social social institutions – none more taken for granted and misunderstood – the monetary institution.

R.S. McCain is compiling a list articles on Jared Loughner, and is specifically concentrating on the Zeitgeist angle of Loughner’s maddness. If Zeitgeist “profoundly” changed Jared Loughner, then why are Liberals trying to paint Loughner as a “right-winger?” Most Conservatives believe in God, Christianity and /or have Judeo-Christian backgrounds. Zeitgeist explicitly denies Christianity – a Leftist position. Right-wingers do not believe September 11th, 2001 was planned and carried out by our Government. Zeitgeist does. As for the Federal Reserve and Jared’s concern with “currency,” I’ll leave it for tonight. It’s getting late, actually it is now tomorrow morning.

Here is the research – links “borrowed” from The Other McCain, which he refers to as “an Army of Davids against the liberal Goliath.”

First his comprehensive post on Salvia, Zeitgeist and Loughner.

The following is my own reporting on Jared Lee Loughner:

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  • WOW! GREAT reporting Maggie. I’m blown away by the comprehensiveness of this, and all your posts on Loughner. I’m going to have to work my way through all of this. And, I’m linking this at my place, as I see no need to duplicate your fine work.

    • Thank you Pup. I just put up Part 2 – the final. Loughner is decidedly not a right-winger. I’ll be by after dinner.

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  • This was a tour de force, Maggie! Quite interesting. It still all points back to his mental illness. Millions of us criticize the Federal Reserve, but we don’t go killing people over it. It’s intriguing that anti-Christianity/atheism is part of this.

    • Yes, just plain ole’ Leftist desire to rule while calling it simply utopian collectivism. Can’t have any Christianity to make that happen. I just put up the last part, Silver.

  • Maggie, ROXY at Diary of A Mad Conservative also has a post on the Zeitgeist cult at

    • Hi Bob, I linked Mad Conservative in my second Zeitgeist post. Thanks much for the tip.

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  • An in-depth post, Maggie!

    Thank you for taking the time to do all this work.

    • Thanks AOW. I just put up the 2nd part (and last).

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  • Terrific post. I’m a bit late in reading but WOW.

  • I’ve watched all of the 3 movies many many times and all 3 of Peter Josephs lectures, and ….let me see…. nope I haven’t gone on a shooting spree. The zeitgeist movement has nothing to do with violent behavior. People don’t just watch a movie then go shoot some people. If any of you really studied the movement and what it advocates you would see that violence is the last thing any of us want. Maybe, Maggie, you should watch the whole movie …. not just half of it. Theres 3 by the way. It will take you about 7 hours. I hope you have some time.

    • Zeitgeist movement member: I have watched the movie and The Addendum, and spent a number of hours doing so. That doesn’t include my reading. You are missing my point – Jared Loughner is not far-right-wing. That is my point. I believe Zeitgeist not far-right-wing.

  • kay

    zeitgeist movement member….. well said. yes beyond politics,
    clearly also beyond comprehension for certain people….
    i think the entire Point of these movies has been entirely overlooked.

  • kay

    just gooogled this jared guy to see what all this chat is about?
    are you kidding??!!!!
    you think too much zeitgeist made him go on a killing spree.??! jesus you people are special!!
    i assume american?

    lets talk about his past, his upbringing, which led to his views being easily influenced, lets talk about his drug abuse, specifically to halloucinagenics…. hmm
    now im not a psychologist….. BUT……..!!!
    i have a sneaky suspician it wasnt the movie that did it”!!