Ted Williams Rehab: Golden Voice Drinking

Ted Williams, the man with the Golden Voice, who was homeless in  Columbus, Ohio just two weeks ago – but now with three high-profiles jobs awaiting him – is heading to rehab, after telling the world he has been clean and sober since 2008. Was he ever clean and sober, or did the undesirable girlfriend make him swallow the Grey Goose vodka?

Ted Williams and his Mother

Yesterday I posted that Ted Williams and his daughter were loudly “disagreeing” in L.A.’s Renaissance Hotel – so loudly that the police stopped by their hotel room. According to the family, Williams pulled his daughter’s hair, and eventually she threw an ice bucket at him. Father and daughter were taken to the police station, but neither were arrested. On video he showed off the scratches on his cheek.  Williams admits that he is drinking once again, and in this video of his family intervention on Dr. Phil, you learn that the family doesn’t like the girlfriend, and thinks she is a bad influence.

One daughter says America needs to know that her father isn’t ready to stop his boozy ways.  Watch the trailer of the show that aired today – lots of family dynamics on display.

See this video of Williams’ with his mother who he hasn’t seen in ten years or so. His mother says she lived through her son’s wayward years by “going to church, believing in God.” His children and ex-wife routinely prayed for him. He says he is finally becoming the daddy he should be….hmmmmm, maybe not. See background links below if you are not familiar with Ted Williams. Many of us thought he was a true American success story. Maybe he is. Time will tell.

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