Ted Williams Golden Voice Detained for Hotel Disturbance with Daughter?

That’s the short story. The long story still isn’t known. Ted Williams the homeless man with the golden voice was reportedly detained at the Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles. See a video below.

Ted Williams

Police received a “disturbance” call.” Sources described the incident as an altercation with his daughter.” That’s the only information coming from the police or The Renaissance. How sad Williams would not be willing to stay in control. I don’t know whose fault the “altercation” was, but most families can talk disagreeably in a hotel without the police arriving. Whatever the problem, Williams needed to handle it with grace. He owes his family.

Williams was in LA for television interviews with Entertainment Tonight and others.

Homeless in Columbus, Ohio and apparently clean from drug and alcohol abuses since 2008, Williams, 53, shocked the country with his and deep and resonate voice. A YouTube video circulated of  Williams parroting a radio voice announcement (or perhaps “voice over is more accurate) and ending with God bless you (or something similar) went viral. It wasn’t long before he had multiple prestigious job offers.

Williams has five or nine grown children and a wife…or maybe she is not his wife. It appears she, Patricia Kirtley, raised a child of Williams’ born to another woman. He hasn’t supported his children or Ms. Kirtley for year but managed to show up for Thanksgiving dinners.

In the video below you will hear Williams say he hasn’t seen his mother in 20 years, although he has always had communication with her. Wonder if the woman in the photo to his left is Mom?

So…America was hopeful that Ted Williams would be one more true American success story. Maybe he will be, and maybe he will use his new fame and fortune to be a blessing to his family.

From BV Blackspin:

This woman is partially blind and one of the kids she raised was not her own, but Williams’ from another woman.

When Williams cut out 23 years ago, Kirtley stayed with the four daughters that the pair had together. She also took in Williams’ son and raised him as if he were one of her own.

“We survived,” said Kirtley, a resident of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, to the New York Daily News Thursday. “My children are survivors. They know if we get a little bit that God provides, we make it into a lot. I’m a soup maker. I make potato soup and throw in a lot of vegetables and a little meat. We always ate.”…

She said Williams was in and out of her children’s lives for years. He would call, come by for Thanksgiving dinner, but did not provide financial or emotional support.

Williams, while often drunk or drugged, was able to make even more children, according to BV Blackspin. Two of Patricia Kirtley’s sisters and a cousin took in an unnamed number of children fathered by Ted Williams. Kirtley said she could have really used William’s help when the children were young and she could see the pages of their homework to help. Read the entire story at Blackspin linked above. See the original video of Williams on the streets of Columbus here.

Photo Credit: LATimesBlog

Ted Williams Homeless in Columbus is The Golden Voice (video)