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Religion and politics make perfect sense to me. In these Sunday Faith round-ups I plan to bring news and views of both, concerning the other, or each individually. Praying God’s blessings on each of us as we walk the journey into 2011.

Sunday Faith in America

God’s Answer is always Jesus discusses the Ten Commandments and God’s will for The Law in our lives today. The key scripture for this post is Colossians 2:14. Moving scripture by scripture, you may find this a look at the Ten Commandments you have not yet considered. Very interesting. I hope you will read it, and comments as well.

geeeeeZ! has an encouraging story of faith and this year’s Rose Bowl. By the way, Z was the first that I know of to coin the phrase ‘Sunday Faith’ blog. She has one up faithfully every Sunday. It’s not a round-up, but always an inspirational thought or topic to start a week off right.

Christianity Today points out that the new congress may be the most pro-life House ever, and Rep. John Boehner’s statement that he wants to be” the most pro-life speaker ever.” See also news about other pro-life initiatives to be addressed in the coming 112th session.

If you do not know about Concerned Women for America (CWA) I am honored to introduce them to you. These women stay on top of the antics at the far-left and dangerous National Council of Churches, which represents any left-leaning liberality within your/my church). The website is a rich source for news for Christians.

Today at CWA I learned that Congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), will chair the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee. She plans a much greater scrutiny of the monies going to the U.N. and all foreign entities. CWA says this:

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

She is no pushover. An exile from Cuba, she’s a staunch critic of repressive regimes, and she’s adamantly pro-life.

After Republicans placed her at the helm, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen said, “I plan on using U.S. contributions to international organizations as leverage to press for real reform of those organizations, such as the United Nations.”

The U.S. is the largest funder of the U.N., contributing 22 percent of its regular budget and more than 25 percent of the peacekeeping budget. Ros-Lehtinen wants U.S. contributions to be voluntary until the U.S. creates an office to audit the U.N. for transparency and waste.

There are problems with Ros-Lehtinen and her stance on illegal migrants, however, she should be a plus overseeing the U.N. Oversight is desperately needed. Let’s keep Rep. Ros-Lehtinen and her U.N. mission in our prayers.

And last, but not least, Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner (Still Catholic, Still Conservative) talks about the Epiphany, the Twelve Days of Christmas and the tradition of blessing your home.

  • Sunday Faith Roundups! What an awesome idea, Maggie! Jesus Rocks! 🙂

    • Thank you Holger. Glad you like the idea!

  • My dear Maggie …

    What a nice surprise to find your comment on my little blog about Jesus. I have been faithfully reading yours for a while now and I did notice when I made my last comment that there was a direct link to my last post.

    Thank you. I don’t have too many readers; mainly family and friends from our church. I have been surprised by some comments from around the world. We’ll leave the readership up to the Lord.

    Again … thank you for the heads up you gave your readers about my blog … (no that’s wrong) … it’s the Lord’s, as is everything we have.

    Love you, my dear sister in Jesus,

    Carl, from central Illinois.

    • Carl, I was intrigued with your post, Smeared. This is a terrible blog traffic time, but I hope you will receive a few new visitors. I loved seeing your son respond. Thank you so very much for reading. My old commenting service was just terrible, so I glad this one led me to you.

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  • What a super idea. Leave it to a great lady such as thee (thou?) to come up with it. The lefties have invaded just about all the churches. Social justice, anyone?

    Thanks for the link

    • Ah, thank you Adrienne. No, no “social justice!”

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