Sunday Faith Blog 1-30-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook

Catholic News Agency reports that some Coptic Christians in Egypt are joining with Muslims in the streets across Egypt, hoping the fall of Mubarak will make life easier for them to worship. Most interesting is that a “call” went out for people to come from “the mosques and churches.”

After the New Years' Mass Bombing of a Coptic Christian Church in Egypt

At the DailyCaller, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton talks about the danger Coptic Christians (about 10%-20% of the population)  are in today in Egypt. Interestingly, Bolton says that the studies the university youth are exposed to is much like what The Muslim Brotherhood preaches.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds interviews (video) Professor John Feinberg on the update of his book Ethics for a Brave New World. There is a timeline of the video so that you can easily skip to topics that interest you. Topics include, among others, “How to think ethically about issues that weren’t around during biblical times,” How to think through moral dilemmas,” “In Vitro fertilization,” “Ethical issues related to genetic engineering, gene therapy, etc.”

GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus has another insightful post this week on the blessings of affliction, Hebrews 12:5-11 . Do you remember why Jacob walked with a limp?

The Muslim man who bombed the Egyptian Coptic Christian church on New Year’s Eve mass has already had his day in court and has been sentenced to death. The sentence is seen as an encouragement to Christians as they have long been the target of radical Islamists.

Robert Spencer at JihadWatch has a column written on January 21, 2011 saying that Christians in Egypt were calling for the repeal of the Sharia “dhimmi law” forbiding the building of new Christian churches.

  • hey girl..if the MB gains will be just like Hamas..pffttt!!!

    • I don’t think there is any doubt about it Angel.

  • There’s a headline on Drudge Report.. Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt… it’s linked to an article entitled this. I’m praying for the best, but expecting the disaster. I have an Egyptian client in Birmingham, who sent me an anti Israel website. I thanked him for it and deleted the article and email. He’s my biggest collector and I’m not going to get into politics with him. That would be a disaster for me. But it shows the hate Egyptians have for not only Israel but the U.S.. Hope he still loves my work though..