Sheriff Clarence Dupnik: Liberal Voice in Pima County Arizona

Like many of you, I’ve been startled over some of the comments of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik as he held court to report the shootings, deaths and woundings in Tucson, Arizona yesterday. Not only I, but others around the InterTubes believes Dupnik was attempting to pin the murders and attempted murders in the Safeway parking lot on Conservatives. In fact, one of the heroes in that parking lot did just that today. See video of Megyn Kelly and Sheriff Dupnik below.

Pima County Arizona Borders Mexico

Pima County shares a 123-mile long border with Mexico.

This from Politico gives some insight into how Dupnik is known in his Democrat country of Pima: (He is also known as the Anti-Sheriff Joe Arpaio}

“For out of state folks perplexed by Pima County Sheriff comments: Pima County is to AZ as Austin is to TX. Dense Dem area comparatively,” tweeted Pamela Gorman, a conservative activist in Phoenix who ran in a primary campaign against Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.).

And a blogger for the Tucson Citizen identified the “Democrat County Sheriff” in a post attacking Dupnik’s “outrageous” use of the incident for “political reasons.”

I don’t think I have ever witnessed a law enforcement officer, anywhere, jump on the political bandwagon so quickly, with so little information at hand.

In an interview today with Megyn Kelly, Kelly asks:

…if there was anything the sheriff had discovered in his investigation that sufested that Loughner was “listening to radio or watching television and was in any way inspired by what he heard or saw?

Dupnik said that he did not yet have any such evidence, but that the investigation had only just  begun.

Then Kelly presses: is it the right time for a sheriff to be “injecting speculative opinion” about the case? He evoked Free Speech. She said:

With respect, sheriff, I know that you’re a Democrat and you ran for office as a Democrat, and I just want to press you on that a little. I’m sure some of our viewers are asking themselves why you are putting a political spin on this when they may asking you the sheriff to stay focused on the facts, on uncovering the facts,” she said.

Dupnik repeated the partisan rhetoric. Kelly said but that is “just your opinion.”She asks if it should be up to a sheriff to “stir the pot on either the aisle.” Dupnik responded, “that’s for listeners to decide.”

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik opposes Arizona’s immigration law SB1070, and says it was a effort to deflect attention from Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona’s lawmakers fiscal irresponsibility over the past two years. Dupnik supports former Governor Janet Napolitano, and has run for a Democratic office in the past. That explains more than a little about his aggressive attitude.

He said Arizona doesn’t need the law, because Federal law already requires Border Patrol to arrest illegal aliens. If I were Hispanic, Dupnik said, “I would feel angry and humiliated.” In July 2010, when the controversy over SB1070 was raging, Dupnik said “the border is more secure now than it’s ever been.” Still yet, he claims he is against the law because it is not right to put his officers in the difficult spot of asking for I.D. He believed lawsuits would flood his Department, and he may be right. Dupnik told Bill O’Reilly his county was “damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Nevertheless, illegals are filling Arizona’s prison system. Forty percent of all kidnappings were by illegals, 13 percent of the murders are committed by illegals and 24 percent of prisoners in on drug charges, are aliens. And then there’s this: Mexican shoppers add $1 Billion to Tucson economy.

The number of undocumented immigrants in Arizona state prisons has also grown in recent years. In December, 2004 there were 4,098 undocumented immigrants in the Arizona state prison population making up 12.6 percent according to state data. By June 2010 the number had increased to 14.8 percent for a total of 5,983 incarcerated undocumented immigrants.

This CBS report says crime is down from 2000, and “which some see as a sign that undocumented immigrants have not made the state more violen overall.” Unbelievable, don’t you think? If 14.8 percent of the prisoners never made it into the U.S., 14.8 percent of the crime would not have been committed.

In June 2010, undocumented immigrants represented 14.8 percent of Arizona state prisoners, but accounted for only 7 percent of the state’s overall population according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The bottom line is, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik prefers not to protect his residents from alien invasions – blaming possible lawsuits, is a partisan Democrat, and apparently the residents of Pima County like him that way. He has been the law there since February 1980.

Megyn Kelly and Clarence Dupnik – Tucson Shootings (video)

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  • edteach

    Kelly is a two bit whore that has sold out to the blond bidder fox news. She is as fair and balanced as Goebbels was in his view of Germany. She and the rest of the ilk at fox would not cross the street to piss on a 3 year old child who was on fire if it would cost them a dime.
    They are greedy heartless bastards and she is a greedy heartless bitch. At a time when people are not cold from being shot and others struggle to survive and will never be right again and mothers have lost their children, all this bitch cares about is that someone may have pointed the finger at the right and by damned she will not have any of it.
    She faints being compassionate but then as soon as her obligatory outrage is done its on to the real agenda and attack those who would point the finger at the merchants of hate like Limbaugh and Fox news. Like the loyal attack dog that is amoral and only knows that anyone who dare step on the sacred ground of the right wing hate factories has to be mauled and either killed or driven off never to try it again.
    Kelly is not news, nor is she even an opinion caster, rather she is an attack dog who is set lose on anyone daring to step on the masters ground. Past her blond hair she is as black as anything Clive Barker has ever dared to create. As evil as she is she is not alone, there are many at the Transylvania of news fox. Hannity and Beck and O’Riley to name a few. And the Fox and Friends to name a few more.
    Fox news is the new head quarters for propaganda and hate, Not only are the listeners of this propaganda shown to be the most uninformed of any group but they are the new hate merchants who have their roots in the old Nazi propaganda empire of Goebbels. They are carrying on a long tradition of hate and spin. All this from those who would call them self Christian.