Rush Limbaugh Straight Shooter: Limbaugh’s Tucson Billboard

BWWWHAHAHAAAA!  Rush Limbaugh has a billboard in Tucson that has apparently been there for some time. The Huffington Post suggests “Limbaugh’s people might want to take it down now. Straight shooters and bullet holes are no longer welcome in the Old West. Has anyone told Tucson’s most popular tourist stop,  Old Town, where many historic movies were made – to shut it’s doors?

Rush Limbaugh's Tucson Billboard

Passing through the gates of an old frontier town, visitors from around the globe are transported back to a time when fearless men with six shooters ruled the Old West. Saunter down the streets of Hollywood’s most famous movies; walk in the footsteps of movie legends like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and hundreds more.

Old Town must certainly be offensive to the languid, wussified Left, who take the life of an unborn child without blinking an eye.

People are gunned down, stabbed, strangled , poisoned, beaten until dead, and run over every single day in this country – children gone forever, the loving, healing hugs of mothers stopped in the flash of a moment, fathers mourned for the loss of their strength, love and guidance.

When our troops at Ft. Hood died, where was the trend to nail those deaths to the hide of Major Nidal Malik Hasan? There was none. In fact, we couldn’t even acknowledge that the killing happened as Allah Akhbar was yelled-out over the dying and dead. Our nation’s leaders, and even some military leaders refused to acknowledge why our men, woman and one unborn child died that day, simply because the killer was an Islamic terrorist.

So let me ask you, is the life of anyone dying in Tucson of Jared Loughner’s rage, any more important than those going about their day, serving our country, not from a foreign land, but in the state of Texas? The comparisons of how these two events have been handled by our government is glaring.

Each death, and each wounding is an pain in the hearts of most Americans. The losses both in Tucson and Ft. Hood are incomprehensible to a sane mind. Let us call the deaths what they are: murders by evil people. No one, right or left, caused Jared Loughner to kill. Islam had everything to do with why Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed. That’s the truth – so keep your opinions about our billboards to yourself, or better yet, get an ounce of honesty and use it.

  • I’m amazed that this rhetoric continues. Stupid, stupid…

    • Dominique – stupid and beyond.

  • Oh, noes! The Puffington Host is going to get their tighty whiteys in a bunch over a billboard. Maybe we can redo some of the old Westerns where instead of a gun fight, they can have a pillow fight at High Noon?

    • Proof – great idea. Maybe Old Town can stay open without offending. Couldn’t use down pillow though. PETA will have none of that.

  • Since when does the truth matter when it comes to “spinning” an unfortunate event into a “crisis”? That billboard should not be taken down, but I’m betting it will.

    • TCL, Rush didn’t pay for it apparently, other than the revenue the billboard generates for the owner. I hope it will stay up. It will be interesting to see if this brings any harrassment for them.

  • Make the sign bigger.. Screw political correctness.. I’m not going to buy a gun and shoot anyone because of the sign.. I’ll probably just turn on my radio..

    • David, did you hear Rush talk this today? He said he wasn’t aware of the billboard. You’ve made the point, my friend: Billboards don’t make you a shooter, much less a straight shooter.