Rosanne Barr Would Like to Slap Sarah Palin

Liberal women are kind of big and scary. They frighten me. This conversation between Rosie O’Donnell and Rosanne Barr does nothing to change that. Rosie asked Rosanne what she thought of “the lovely” Sarah Palin. Of course, Rosanne the socialist loathes Palin and would even like to slap her. When she was done with her rant, she promised to take Rosie for the “ride of her life” on her Kawasaki or something. Yeah, this is how I talk to my girlfriends. (No, it’s not. I was being sarcastic.)

But isn’t it ironic the way these two rich women rail against the rich? They are so stupid.

Via the Radio Equalizer

Update: Bad news for the pair of Rosies. It could be six years before the Democrats can get anything done again. But with so many conservative bloggers out here, it could be even longer. Just think – they can’t even call themselves liberal or progressive anymore. Well, I suppose they can call themselves whatever they want. But now that they’ve awoken the sleeping giant, let’s hope they’ll be waiting a lot more than six years for a revival.

Update 2: Do you think Roseanne drives an electric Kawasaki? Is there such a thing?

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  • I am thinking Sarah would take her in the first round…….

  • You know what I would LOVE to see? A intellectual conversation on America and her struggles between Palin and either … or both .. of the Rosies. Then we will see who needs to be slapped silly!

  • I hope she rides that Electorsaki off a cliff soon, lol

  • There’s a lot of hate and violent tendencies on the left.

  • The 2 Rosies reminded me of a movie title: “Dumb and Dumber” And I can’t decide which one is the Dumber.

  • These pigs are so disgusting and full of hate. They are the poster pigs that
    exemplifies hatred for any and all things Conservative that flows from the left.
    I have no patience with trolls like this and the LSM media has done themselves
    a huge disservice to the American people by jumping in like they have. Rather
    than waiting for this wacko’s hatred and proof of him being nuts, leaning to far left, that he read mien kampf, the communist manifesto and has one YT
    video of him burning an American flag, the LSM made an opportunity to burn
    the right. There will be a huge fall out as the truth starts coming out about this
    murdering, crazed POS. So who is bankrolling this high falooting attorney?
    The SEIU perhaps? I would place my bet on Palin. She might be a CCW gal and just blow these two hogs off their size 12 hooves.