Reince Priebus Replaces Michael Steele as RNC Chairman

I’ll start with the pronunciation of his name according to a report on Fox News this evening. If I heard it correctly, phonetically, his first name rhymes with “lance” (rance). Last name phonetically “pre-bus.” I heard just a snippet of his remarks after the Republican National Committee election today. He is a less than inspiring speaker, or was on this occasion. Maybe he was overwhelmed, or maybe it’s just me. See a video below.

Priebus is the current chairman of the Wisconsin GOP. He is praised for his leadership in the mid-terms, taking Wisconsin from blue to red by gaining two seats in the House. Reid Ribble (R-WI-8th) unseated Democrat Steve Kagan. Sean Duffy (R-WI-7th) is the father of 6 who sent long-time congressman Dave Obey back home. Duffy reminded constituents that Obey had been in the House since Woodstock (1969).

I wish Reince Pribus all good fortune as he develops the platform for the future of taking back our country, and raising the funds needed to pave the way for making Barack Obama a one-term president.