Real Show Little Mosque on the Prairie What Couric is Talking About?

Katie Couric made news this week saying maybe America needs a Cosby-like Muslim family show on television to help ignorant Americans know what Islam is about and understand the peace and joy within the religion. Canada has just such a show, Little Mosque on the Prairie,” and it is “wildly popular.” Amusingly, in the video segment below, you will see women openly worshipping in the same room with Muslim men – something you will seldom, if ever see in real life. How about the female “parishioner” being kissed by the imam? Can that happen in real life without the woman dying?

Every Monday night at 8:30, Canadians can tune into CBC Television’s sitcom “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” The show is wildly popular — enough so that it’s currently on its fifth season. The audience watches as a new imam and his mosque try to assimilate into the predominately Anglican town of Mercy. Each episode is rife with jokes about stereotypes because, as the show’s website explains, assimilation “isn’t as easy as they thought.”

Mean-ole White Christians make assimilation impossible?

I believe there are many, many Muslims in the West longing to live freely, with their religion practiced peacefully, as portrayed in Little Mosque on the Prairie – just a normal life, but if there are any Koranic Muslim men in their families, neither young men or woman can do so. If there is a radical imam anywhere in their lives, they cannot live moderately.

I write a lot about Islam, and I am hard-nosed when it comes to trusting anything attached to it, but I do believe most want no part of radicalism. Unfortunately, if the “moderates” are standing against their own, in their mosques and communities, we seldom see it. The day we begin telling the truth about Islam and the teachings of Mohammed, will be a very good day for America. A moderate response to a radical action simply doesn’t work. See the Katie Couric segment at The Lonely Conservative.

Little Mosque on the Prairie (video)

  • Is Coriac just plain damn stupid? We know what Islam is all about it is sure not PEACE. What she is seeing and showing is a sham but only the librtards will be taken in. Another lacking of intelligent thought by a liberal.

    • ticker, sometimes I think those sitting at the top at the networks know very little. Perhaps they are too isolated, and/or it isn’t politically correct to pay attention.

  • This is more like “Little Lies To Fool The Katie”. Funny how there are no teenagers in it. Only 20 somethings. It is popular because it promotes the PC lie.

    • Katie, you know how those Arabs treat young boys. Of course we know how they treat young and old women, so I don’t know. Maybe there are teenagers in later episodes.

  • It’s a great way to normalize evil. Look at what it did for the gay movement.

    • Yes, desensitizing America to the horrors they try not to notice, anyway.

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  • Little House is WONDERFUL, simply wonderful PROPAGANDA.

    Give it time; you’ll see that shit HERE in time. Perhaps a year.


    • I expect some production team is holed up working on it right now.

  • And I’m not on any of your blogrolls. . . ?


    • Oh gosh! You know you always have been. I’m checking.

  • Thank you most kindly. . .