Princess Boy Mom Cheryl Kilodavis Gets Big Bucks, Books, Interviews

The first pageant for “Princess Boys” should be announced any day now. What a racket. Cheryl Kilodavis, the mother of a son she calls “Princess Boy” has her 5-year-old boy, Dyson, all over television, has written a book, he has appeared in People Magazine in his tutu, and now NBC. It’s not contagious, says the dad. Let’s get to the truth here and call Dyson the “bankroll boy.” See the video below.

Princess Boy

According to the mother, Dyson “has driven” this whole thing. He’s five years old! At the age of five, parenting should be a very private thing. If Dyston has insisted that he wear dresses,  often, I can understand the mother writing a book. She says his name is not in the book, and neither is his photo. So why not leave it there? Well, the answer is, she needs his face attached to sell the book. Note to parents everywhere: there is no five year old child not needing guidance in his/her life. Why not wait a few years before sending him out in public in dresses?

While the father says Dyson is like any other boy, note that most boys don’t like twirling in their tutus. This boy is treated like a girl…talked to as though he is a girl. I say wait a few years before allowing the boy to change his psyche or gender. Give him a chance.  The Daily Mail has more.

Princess Boy (video)

  • We had names for these boys: Sissy and Fag come to mind.

  • How sad for the boy that his mother would exploit him in such a shameful manner.

  • Grace56

    munchausen by proxy

  • lala from Mississippi

    Why can’t it just be what she says – not EVERYone exploits for money. That boys appeared quite comfortable at voicing what he likes. We have all seen the horrific stories of ‘suppressed individuals’ and the harm it can lead to. Acceptance is much easier than pretending we know this woman and judging her and her child.

    • Yes, if she had only meant what she said. We can’t dismiss one thing but not the other. She pointed out that her son’s face or name was not in the book, but there he was on nationwide television.

      He’s only 5 years old. She should be his protector, not his promoter.