Pensacola Will Hear About Mark Turner…Finally

Last night I posted an update on Mark Turner’s criminal prosecution case in Pensacola, Florida. One thing I want my readers to know, especially those many who have been reading about him here for many months: Mark’s home community of Pensacola and Gulf Breeze and the greater Escambia and Santa Rosa counties know practically nothing about what has been done to him. With the US Observer taking up his case, Pensacola is about to hear and read what officials in his city have perpetrated against him and his family.

Mark and Nancy Turner and sons

I’m taking heart at this, because Pensacola is not a huge metropolis. For each newspaper, radio station, and TV station refusing to talk about Mark Turner’s battle for freedom, many, many will be talking about it now. Perhaps those to ignored the whole thing will find it necessary to tell us who’s money kept them quiet…which official of the court threatened them.

The story of a long-time Pensacola-area businessman, tangling with a very prosperous local business giant, and going to prison for it…trying to commit suicide when the appeal was lost, gets nothing in Pensacola? No ink, no air, no nothing?

I hope Pensacola and Gulf Breeze residents are outraged that much of Turner’s story has not seen the light of day. If you know anything about the history of corrupt  prosecutors, you should know that Mark Turner could have been you…may be you. The Turner family has found that wrongful prosecutions are happening all across the U.S.  Read the US Observer’s first article. Read my update of January 3, 2010. Read my history of Mark’s case.

  • This is such an unnecessary tragedy. I hope he’s vindicated.

    • LC, it is a tragedy. I pray it is one that ends soon.

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  • As you know, I am a new Maggie’s Notebook fan, so I am just learning about this now. I think it’s awful that not only is this happening to the Turner family but that it’s ignored by the press. I wonder who has been pressuring the media to keep silent?

    • Zilla, those pressuring the media, in my opinion, are a part of this case. There’s a lot of advertising dollars at stake for Pensacola media. Thanks for reading about Mark. I appreciate every single reader, and so does the Turner family.

  • marie

    Mattie – I’ve been a follower of yours for some time now. THANKS for sticking in there with the Turner family. This could be happening to anyone of our families. YEAH to US OBSERVER for investigating this and bringing it to “attention.” I encourage everyone who can to help US Observer with this investigation! God bless the Turner family and those supporting them!

  • Thanks Maggie for continuing to tell Mark Turners Story! I hope he is reunited soon with his family! This story from the US Observer hopefully will blow the lid off the corruption in Pensacola and Escambia County! I hope justice is swift and these individuals are prosecuted to the full extent of the law! God Bless Mark Turner and his family!

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  • marie

    Maggie – seems awfully quiet. Do we know if anything is going on? I hope and pray so for the Turner family!

  • fightforright

    My God, please expose this corruption. So many lives devasted and detroyed by Russ Edgar. He is a criminal on so many levels. US observer, please fight for right!!!!

    • FightforRight and everyone here: just an FYI. So far US Observer has had NO followup, and in fact, put off the next meeting for a month or more from now.

      It is very discouraging!