Patricia Maisch Gabrielle Giffords: Maisch Blames Extreme Right Reports for Violence – Gone Too Far

Shep Smith is interviewing Patricia Maisch by telephone this minute. Ms. Maisch corrected Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s version of her heroism on the day Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was wounded and Federal Judge John Roll was murdered along with six others. She said she agrees with Dupnik that right wingers are at fault, and then said she blames “extreme right wing reporters” for the violence.

Patricia Maisch

Maisch said when the woman next to her was shot, she had to make a decision – run or drop to the ground. She said she felt her best option was to drop. Then a man knocked shooter Jared Lee Loughner to the ground right beside her. Loughner pulled a semi-automatic magazine out of his pocket. He dropped it. Maisch said they both reached for it and she got it.

While two men held Loughner to the ground, she kneeled on his ankles, then went into the Safeway store and got a roll of paper towels to use as a compress for a wounded man.

Dupnik said in interviews the past two days that Patricia Maisch ran toward the shooter and grabbed the magazine from Loughner.

Right at the end of the interview is when she said she thought Clarence Dupnik was correct: extreme right wing reporters caused the violence. Shep ignored it. What a delightful sound-bit for the Left.

Update: The three who helped subdue Loughner are named as Patricia Maisch, Roger Sulzgeber and Joseph Zamudio/Zimudi. Maisch and Sulzgeber we waiting in line to to have a photo taken with Congresswoman Giffords, and Zimudi was at a nearby Walgreens store. Maisch told Shep Smith that the the two men, or one of the men got the weapon at the same time she reached out for the magazine. See a list of the dead and injured at The Examiner.

Update: A fourth man, Bill Badger, was also involved in subduing Loughner

Photo Credit AP

  • Don’t understand your statement. I think the left has been far more vocal in their
    comments. Reference Harry Ried, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and others. Their
    vitrial has been laced with substantial hate filled rhetoric particularly when Bush was

    • maralea, this is the way it works – apparently even with murder. Fox has probably less than 1/8 of the media, but gets blamed for these brutal crimes. There is no way to explain it, especially with the turth.

      Thanks so much for coming by. I appreciate your visit.

  • Michelle

    Was that the most awful interview or what? I watched it and thought, “Gosh, what a wonderful woman?” Then she went and got all psycho, crazy with her political ranting (closing with a snooty, “Good-bye”). All respect disappeared and I was hoping she was on the same list Mr. Loughner should have been on, lady IS crazy! 🙂

    • Michelle, it was shocking. So unexpected! Here we are talking about people who lost their lives or were gravely wounded and conservative reporters get blamed. She did close with a snooty “good-bye.” I certainly wish her no ill will. It just defies decency to blame “reporters.”

      Thanks for the comment Michelle.

  • Jay

    Please remember that most in line to meet the congresswoman were Democrats, so blaming the right is almost second nature. I pray for her and thank her for doing the right thing, but don’t support her view that this was caused by the hate speech of the right.

    • Jay, I am aware of this, and certainly praise her for her bravery yesterday. Keep in mind as I wrote the post, the very last thing was listening to Shep Smith’s interview with her. The post was basically finished, and then the statement was made.

      I was careful not to make a judgement about her. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

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  • I have a dream…One day, one day we will stop playing the blame game. One day.

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