ObamaCare Investigations Flooded with Another 500 Health Care Waivers

There is a lot of news about ObamaCare waivers this week. Some 222 waivers were granted when the GOP said they would launch an investigation into those waivers. That no sooner said than Democrats announced 500 more. It perfectly fits the Rules for Radicals, overwhelm and disrupt, cause the system to break down. Assuming the House Oversight Committee was doing the investigating, they are surely overwhelmed at this point.

We now have 725 companies, insuring 600,000 to 2.1 million people, free of the enslaving, privacy-robbing, freedom-grabbing law infamously known as ObamaCare. That leaves the rest of us to try to swim up-stream.

Among the 725 waivers, many, many are unions, among them, the mammoth Service Employers International Union (SEIU), a special pet of Obama, and specifically Local 25 in Chicago. SEIU members include janitors, HEALTH CARE WORKERS, security guards, and LOCAL GOVERNMENT WORKERS.

SEIU’s former chief, Andy Stern, is a personal friend of Barack Obama. After Stern showed up on White House logs as the most frequent visitor/lobbyist, Stern quit his SEIU gig, and Obama appointed him to the “Debt Panel,” which gave Stern a revolving door at the White House and no “Lobbyist” on his business card. Today Stern is the Alice B. Grant Labor Leader in Residence at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Another SEIU leader was appointed to Obamas economic recovery board, and another to the 6-member federal Election Commission. SEIU is all over the regime.

Did I mention that SEIU gave Barack Obama $60 million for his presidential run, and $65 million to John Kerry’s 2004 run? See details of the SEIU waivers here. See the list of 733 waivers here (two are missing).

Some companies have been denied waivers, but the “most transparent government ever” will not divulge who they are. Perhaps they donated nothing to the regime? Perhaps they backed a conservative? Perhaps they publicly trashed AARP, or The Food Safety legislation, or had corndogs for lunch?

Just for the fun of it, I’ve compiled a list of about 103 unions receiving waivers. Sorry, had to remove most. It totally crashed my homepage, so just a few below now. There appears to be many more than listed below that do not have the words “local” or “union” in their name – in fact about 35 of them. One is the United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund with 351,000 teachers.

Allied Building Inspectors IUOE Local 211 Welfare Fund – 1758

Communications Workers of America, Local 1180 Security Benefits Fund – 19000

Teamsters Local 210 Affiliated Health and Insurance Fund – 10613

SEIU Local 300, Civil Service Forum Employees Welfare Fund – 2000

United Food & Commercial Workers Unions and Employers Local No. 348 Health & Welfare Fund** – 13663

District Council 1707 Local 389 Home Care Employees Health & Welfare Fund – 7867

Board of Trustees for the Operating Engineers Local 101 Health and Welfare Fund – 4465

Carpenters Local No. 491 Health & Welfare Plan – 1200

IBEW Local Union No. 126 Health and Welfare Fund  – 3151

Local 888 UFCW – 4004

Roofers Local #96 Health & Welfare Fund – 2838

Teamsters Local Union 966 Health Fund – 1519

Amalgamated, Industrial and Toy & Novelty Workers of America, Local 223 Sick Benefit Fund – 2255

NECA-IBEW Local 480 Health and Welfare Plan – 1698

UFCW Local 1262 and Employers Health & Welfare Fund – 3028

Plumbers Local Union No. 690 of Philadelphia and Vicinity Health Plan – 4006

Blasters, Drillers & Miners Union Local No. 29 Welfare Fund – 1000

Construction Workers Local 147 Welfare Fund – 2000

Teamsters Local 210 Affiliated Health and Insurance Fund – 10613

Teamsters Welfare Fund of Northern New Jersey Local 1723 – 1154

United Service Employees Union, Local 377, RWDSU, UFCW – 1142

IBEW Local 613 and Contributing Employers Family Health Plan (Union) – 8500

Bricklayers Local 1 of MD, VA and DC – 1985

I.B.E.W. Local 1249 Insurance Fund** – 4104

International union of Operating Engineers, Local Union Number 137** – 2250

Local 1102 Health & Benefit Fund – 4642

Local 272 Welfare Fund** – 12000

Local 338 Affiliated Benefit Funds – 18209

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 430 Health and Welfare Fund** – 2035

Social Service Employees Union Local 371 – 34000

Teamsters Local Union 72 Welfare Fund** – 4650

UFCW Local 371 Amalgamated Welfare Fund** – 3800

Indiana Area UFCW Union Locals and Retail Food Employers’ Health and Welfare Plan – 6885

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 464a** – 8228

Wisconsin United Food & Commercial Workers Unions and Employers Health Plan** – 3100

IBEW Local 3 NYC Electrical Division Health & Welfare Fund – 1072

Indiana Area UFCW Union Locals and Retail Food Employers’ Health and Welfare – 6885

Local 1245 Health Fund Plan – 3486

Local 295 Welfare Fund – 1228

Local 381 Group Insurance Fund – 1346

Local 805 Welfare Fund – 1376

Roofers Local 8 Insurance & Trust Fund – 1321

Teamsters Union Local # 35 – 1109

Theatrical Stage Employees Local One – 9200

U.A. Local 13 & Employers Group Insurance Plan* – 1039

UFCW Local 1500 Welfare Fund – 16588

UFCW Local One Health Care Fund – 4335