Obama Winning the Future WTF: Sarah Palin on Obama’s WTF Moments Video

Sarah Palin is on with Greta in the video below. Obama’s State of the Union address theme, Winning the Future (WTF) gave Palin a great sound bite. By the way, I read today that Newt Gingrich says Obama stole his theme and the title of one of his books.

Sarah Palin on Obama’s WTF Moments (video)

H/T Gateway Pundit

  • We should be having WTF moments every time Obama speaks. Of course, my meaning of WTF is somewhat different.

    • Yep. Been having them for two years now, 24/7. Your WTF moments are the Same Palin was alluding to.

  • Man I’m so with Sarah on this.. His whole last two years has been a WTF….

    • LOL David. That’s just what I said.

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  • Thatcherian confidence and toughness begins to emerge. She will need it if she runs.

    • Ran, if she just had a Maggie Thatcher’s British accent… I think she is tough enough.

  • mariestevens

    Sarah Palin, please Stop Talking From Urass!
    Just STFU and quit with the moronic jokes!

    (video link removed by blog owner)

    • Maristevens, Follow your own advise please.. I’m smiling..smiling.. smiling.

    • No.. I’m not letting you off that easy.. Maristevens… She explained the WTF.. then basicly said what a lot of us out here in the real world are thinking as well.. tell me where that’s wrong. Are we to shut up and let people walk over us? I for one, along with Sarah, say… HELL NO.. if you don’t like plane talk… crawl back into your dark hole.. pull your snuggy up over your head and just don’t listen. By the way.. HOW’S THAT HOPY CHANGY GOING FOR YA?

    • Typo.. plain.. not plane… one is for flying.. lol

    • mariestevens, Barack Obama IS a joke. He is THE joke. An oh yes, my opinion definitely counts. Follow your link? I don’t think so and neither will anyone else on this comment thread.

      • Amen to that Maggie.. this is one of those idiots who watch MSNBC or CNN Morning Joe.. and believe the crap the spill.. Libs say we should all get along.. but in reality.. They want to get along only if you agree with everything they believe. Well sorry… I think for myself and don’t need anyone to tell me what to think or believe. .. Now I’m awake.. lol and I don’t drink Coffee.. this idiot got me boiling..