Obama Czar Wants to Educate Republicans on Global Warming

The arrogance of this administration is incomprehensible. Obama’s Science Czar wants to educate Repbulicans on Global Warming.

From The Hill via Pat Dollard:

“It is an education problem. I think we have to educate them,” said John Holdren, who heads the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in an interview broadcast Sunday…

Holdren, asked about advancing Obama’s agenda in the face of skepticism, said the scientific evidence of dangerous human-induced climate change is powerful. “The science of climate change is really very clear in its essentials,” Holdren said on Platts Energy Week.

He said there is uncertainty about details, but noted that’s always the case in science. What’s plain, Holdren said, is that the climate is changing in damaging ways and that human activities – notably burning fossil fuels – are “overwhelmingly likely” to be the primary cause.

No. I have a better idea. How about Republicans educating Liberals on the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law. Let’s start with illegal entry into the U.S.