Moscow Domodedovo Airport Bombing: 10,000Lbs TNT or Equivalent

The bombing at Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport today happened inside one of  the baggage claim areas. According to Fox News, the bomb was 10,000 lbs. of TNT (or perhaps the equivalent), as reported in the Russian press. At this moment (9:15 CDT) the Russian press reports 31 dead, 120 injured and 20 of the injured are critical. The blast was so powerful, rescuers had to remove a wall to get to the people inside the baggage claim. It is not known whether any Americans were in the blast area.Ongoing Updates as available.

Domodedovo International Airport

First reports thought suicide bombers were involved, but with the news about the TNT, that would not be the case. It is not known whether the bomb was planted inside baggage.

  • Another jihad attack, I think. It’s been about a year since the last such big attack in Russia.