Morning News/Views 1-30-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook

News you may have missed. Views you may have missed. If you are following the uprisings in Egypt, you know conservatives are mixed in what they believe should happen there. You’ll find a bit of all of it below.

Protests in Egypt

Protests in Egypt

Donald Douglas at American Power has been following the protests in Egypt closely. In fact, I’ve been reading there much of this evening. His latest is Mubarak Struggles to Maintain Power – Obama Struggles to Stay Relevant. In Egypt’s Neoconservative Moment the G.W. Bush agenda for the Arab world is part of the conversation. And The New York Times quotes Professor Douglas here. Follow the link back to read the entire piece.

Weasel Zippers has John Bolton’s viewpoint on Egypt and a commentary on a Daily Beast commentary.

Sultan Knish explains my position about Egypt – there will be no democracy there, although he is not speaking specifically of that country:

Bring democracy and human rights to the Middle East? You might as well walk into 12th century Europe with a copy of the Constitution and expect not to be beheaded.

Stacy McCain has some of the latest on Egypt, including some prominent views not linken herein. McCain ends this one with:

“See, my concern is that the “aspirations of Egyptians” might include such agenda items as “Death to the Zionist entity!” and Down with the Great Satan!” Perhaps I remember 1979 too well.

And this one on “whup ass” on the Muslim Brotherhood – pointing out that the Brotherhood likely will not reject al-Qaeda, as has Mubarak.

Bob at The Camp of the Saints looks at all sides of the Egypt issue with an eye to what is best for America’s security. You’ll find some excellent conversation going on here.

Western Hero has more on the choice of a rotten dictator or Islamists. He has come to the same decision I’ve reached.

Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom – The U.S. has a $220 TRILLION SHORTFALL?.

Political Realities has the latest realities about Oklahoma schools, specifically those in my home of Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Adrienne’s at Adrienne’s Corner actually went to a movie theatre, saw The King’s Speech, and says it is a winner!

Pundette says “Reason” can be a tool to change the culture of abortion.

The Lonely Conservative says Libertarians are not Anarchists!

The Conservative  Lady has the details on the Senate bill to fully repeal ObamaCare, authored by Senator Jim DeMint and co-sponsored by Senator Marco Rubi0, along with 34 additional GOP sponsors.

Reaganite Republican Resistance has Ronald Reagan’s famed 1964 speech “A Time for Choosing.” I listened to all of it today, and if your mind feels muddled with news the world- over, listen to these words. Change a few names and the speech could be given tomorrow.

The Daley Gator says a man sexually assaulted hogs. It’s even worse than that. Yes, there are people out there like that. Also an up-close-and-personal account of the Egyptian protest.

Left Coast Rebel is asking if Mitch Daniels is our next president? This description of Daniels should move you to read this comprehensive post.

Mitch is a diminutive, balding, ex-pothead Hoosier with Syrian roots, currently serving as a wildly popular governor in Indiana.

Blue Star Chronicles – Sarah Palin will kick off a year-long celebration of Ronald Reagan’s life, and she will keynot.

I’ll add one of my own here – one I think is important for us to know about. Jim DeMint, speaking on the floor of the Senate explains how 94% of Senate bills are passed with no one reading them, no debate, no amendments, no vote. It’s called “secret unanimous consent.” He plans to fix it. I hope he does, and I think what has been going on for all the years is definitely treasonous.

Linked by William Teach @ The Pirate’s Cove – Thank you!

Linked by Zilla of the Resistance – Thank you Zilla-girl! Zilla has a wonderful round-up of information on the antiquities and the peril they are in, as well as information about a Delaware student unable to get out of Cairo. Just click the link.