Morning News/Views 1-15-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook

My news and views this morning is a short list – but not for the lack of good material. I ran out of time – so much happening this week. I always try to choose news and views that have some lasting power – that will still be pertinent weeks from now, if not months or longer. (Okay, so I clicked published, so it’s evening news!)

Homeless in Houston

Lew Waters at Right in a Left World talks about the slippery slop of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. You will find some firsthand accounts from transgender military veterans, and how our tax dollars are used. How many new veterans associations do we have on the horizon? Lew has a few suggestions. A quote:

We also read that the VA is “hoping to create a formal directive in the near future” in regards to Veterans who claim they are “Transgender” and seek medical care through Veterans Medical Services.

John Carey at Sentry Journal says if we are to regain what we’ve lost as a republic, we must reacquaint ourselves with the past. Read The Definitive Treaty of Peace, 1783 – which begins:

In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity.

Note that it ends with a ‘period.’ …Trinity.

Randy’s Roundtable has the scoop about a Democrat’s plan for raising the debt ceiling. If Republicans are not up for this challenge, they don’t belong in leadership.

Bob at The Camp of the Saints reviews why Americas must endure the crazies roaming our streets. Once-upon-a-time in history, it wasn’t so.

Bizarre and blogworthy: A Houston couple have been feeding 60-120 homeless every night for over a year. The city has shut them down for lack of a permit. The food has been donated and prepared in different kitchens. There have been no issues with food safety. The Health and Human Services Department says the homeless have lowered immune systems and are more prone to “foodborn illnesses.” Better that they starve, better that they have no one praying with them and for them, better that this Christian couple have no contact with the vulnerable who just might feel the hand of God. Can’t have that.

Atlas has the latest on the Ground Zero Mosquestrosity, the new iman, and of course…what else…an unindicted co-conspirator in the 19913 WTC bombing. Nothing about Islam in America would be possible without at least one radical Muslim with strong ties to America escaping punishment for violence against us.

Ran at Si Vis Pacem has good news about the self-imposed extinction of progressives. Democrats are making a move – a big one in Mississippi. Sixty percent of White voters did what?

Texas Fred has a story that will make your hair stand on end , as you get a few belly laughs along the way. Serious stuff!

Donald Douglas at American Power has a video of a wounded victim of the Tucson shootings blaming Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sharron Angle for  “their first target.”

Conservative Hideout has a post that should be of interest to bloggers. In the interest of not being drawn into lawsuits, you need to know about this growing list of newspapers who might be interested in YOU settling out of court.

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  • Hi Maggie,
    Excellent round up, as always. The story I am most moved by, as in deeply upset to see, is the one about those nice people who help the homeless. Seems like another example where the statists resent not being the ones to hold the people’s fate in their hands. Why, if private citizens are helping the poor, how are the collective going to control them & make them vote Democrat? That those nice people are Christians probably steamed the totalitarians even more!

  • Maggie … the link to the Texas Fred post is well worth the time to read. I just hope it isn’t prophetic, but the way things are headed it just might be. Thanks for the heads up.

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