Mohamed ElBaradei Under Cairo House Arrest: Accused Mubarak of Planting Daughter’s Pics on Web

Mohamed ElBaradei, who you will remember as the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), returned to his homeland of Egypt Thursday night, and got into the fray in the streets, protesting alongside the protesters. ElBaradei, who is laughingly a Nobel Peace Prize recipient after paving the way for Iran to go nuclear, was immediately taken into house arrest in Cairo. Find ongoing updates on the violence in Egypt here.

Mohamed ElBaradei

Before the arrest, ElBaradei was caught in the stream of a police water cannon. Supporters around him were reportedly beaten with police batons.

In September of 2010, ElBaradei, the former IAEA head accused the Egyptian government of “planting” photos of his daughter in a swimsuit and at her London wedding, where alcohol was being served.  The daughter is a London investment attorney. Apparently Islamists feel no compulsion to follow their religion’s “morality” standards, but certainly expect no one else to reveal them.

Barack Obama has come out in support of “his fellow” Nobel recipient and advised the Egyptian government to release him.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs said on Friday that President Barack Obama knows his fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate well and has worked with ElBaradei on nuclear proliferation issues.

Asked if ElBaradei’s house arrest should be ended, Gibbs replied, “These are the type of activities that the government has a responsibility to change.”

ElBaradei has lived most of his life outside of the country. There are speculations that he may be vying for a power grab of his own, as elections are scheduled for Fall 2011. Mubarak is 82 years old. He has a son who some believe Mubarak plans to pass his power to, in this “Arab Republic” of Egypt, with 90% of the population being Sunni Muslim. For a great resource to ongoing reports on the Egyptian uprising, visit The Conservative Hideoout’s Egypt Crisis page.