Mike Pence Announces Run for…Something…or Maybe Not!

Mike Pence

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) will announce whether he will run for Indiana governor or president of the United States, or maybe neither, tonight in an interview with The Indianapolis Star. I would like to see Pence on the ballot for president, but making the announcement to The Indianapolis Star likely indicates that he may be vying for the Indiana Governor’s mansion. Probably a smart move.

UPDATE: Direct from Left Coast Rebel: Pence Not Running for President. Assumption: He’s running for Indiana Governor.

H/T WeaselZippers

  • Bad news.

    • RightKlik, I agree, but we have enough people to have a very strong ticket. I hope that is what will happen. I hope I could see myself voting for several on the ticket.

  • America’s loss is Indiana’s gain.

    • Silver, you know I think he’s smart. He knows this is going to be fought in the mud. I also heard he had a hard time raising money for the presidency. I think having him as a strong governor will be a very good thing, and then maybe later he’ll have another chance.