Michelle O Wears White Sweater to Tucson Memorial Service

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, is standing on the front row of this memorial service in a black  purple dress and a white cardigan sweater, fashionably buttoned with one button at the top – a really white sweater that looks disrespectful with the dark clothing surrounding her at this sad occasion. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, is standing beside Michelle on one side and Janet Napolitano on the side. And as the “traditional” Native American “blessing” is introduced, Michelle’s white cardigan stands out like a jolt, a disruption. Just my opinion.

  • It is fitting. This is not a memorial but a pep rally. Listen to the crowd. They are acting and cheering as if it were a football game not a solemn occasion.

    That’s the left for you.

  • classless…how rude!

  • That whole affair, including the campaign speech Obama gave, was just plain weird! A Native American pagan blessing for a bunch of Christian victims. You just can’t get weirder than that.

  • Adrienne
    That whole affair, including the campaign speech Obama gave, was just plain weird! A Native American pagan blessing for a bunch of Christian victims. You just can’t get weirder than that.
    Adrienne recently posted..Memorial Service in Tucson has a name and a logo Concession stands will be open -w Update

    Insulting to the victims actually. If it had been my loved one, I would have walked out immediately.

    • MaryCT

      Then you should be grateful that it wasn’t for your loved one. The people who *did* lose loved ones last Saturday seemed grateful for the support and recognition of the people they loved. And if you *had* stormed out, it would have been much more insulting to the victims than any blessing that might have been delivered.

  • Yogi

    Actually a white sweater and purple skirt. Perhaps she had a picnic to attend following the service. At the Fort Hood Memorial she wore a low cut tight dress befitting going to a night club. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/eSlCJuwMWwD/President+Obama+Attends+Memorial+Service+Ft/J0eA0K188Ft/Michelle+Obama

  • MaryCT

    Seriously? With all that’s going on in the world, and you are going to waste your time & energy on whether or not Michelle Obama was wearing a white sweater? This is the most important thing to you, in this whole terrible, tragic thing? I followed the link to this article with the hope that it *wasn’t* about what I thought it might be, and sadly I was mistaken. Big fat deal. Why not use your energy to try to help the poor and hungry in your own community instead? Just an idea.

    For the record, I agree that it was strange that people applauded after the Bible readings, but the speeches were interrupted by applause from the very beginning. This was the *University’s* event, hosted by the University’s president (Shelton), and if he didn’t want it to have the tone it did – where the people of Tucson cheered and clapped because they desperately NEED something to cheer right now – he could have stopped it right from the beginning. He chose not to, because as a Tucsonian, he understood. Maybe they shouldn’t have called it a memorial service, but rather a gathering to honor all the victims, but I think it was just right.

    And people, i’m not sure what rock you’re all living under, but Tucson was originally a Native American settlement – that is why they opened with a Native American blessing – absolutely fitting. And no one but ignorant folks refer to non-Christians as “pagans” anymore – good gracious, it’s 2011, people!

    • Good gracious MaryCT, how the family of the lost and wounded feel about the ceremony has nothing to do with my post about the First Lady’s habit of dressing inappropriately at very inappropriate times.

      You have no clue what I do in my community, for my community, for my church and for my family. Got it? You haven’t a clue. So why are you telling me how to use my energy. Your comments are longer than my post. Can you put your agitated energy to better use – doing something for someone who needs something? I mean, it’s just an idea.

      Mary, here’s the way commenting on blogs work: you comment on what I wrote, not on what my guests said. That way there’s no misunderstandings.

      • I agree with you Maggie white sweater and all. Stood out like a sore thumb. Good grief Mary Mary is quite contrary and long winded.

  • Barbara Dahl

    I have never commented on a post before, but I feel impelled to say that I think the first Lady needs to have someone else choose her outfits for her. I was startled by the stand out white sweater – black, even gray, would have been much more suitable. As she was not the center of the memorial, she should have dressed to remain in the respectable background. It seems to me that every time she wears a cardigan sweater it looks three sizes too small. Sorry if this sounds like meow, but she really needs help with dressing appropriately.