Michele Bachmann Delivers Tea Party Response to SOTU

I’m beginning to feel the crunch of eggshells. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will deliver the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) will  do the same, but her speech will not be national. It will stream live on the Tea Party Express website AFTER Ryan speaks. UPDATE 1-25-11: Read Bachmann’s response transcript.

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann was invited by Tea Party Express to “represent” them “and give a response.” The invitation was issued before the announcement that Ryan would speak, according to Levi Russell, Tea Party Express Communications Director.

The 2011 State of the Union is the kick-off date for the new Conservatives in Congress. We will hear, once again, as we heard last year from Obama that his focus is on jobs. Only Conservatives will notice the same old, same old from years’ past

I’ll echo Hot Air and say I don’t get it. There is plenty of time for Bachmann to have her say and stream it wherever she is capable of doing so. I believe we should be united behind the GOP for this event. Here is some of Hot Air’s commentary:

“I could sort of understand this if the GOP had decided to break from tea party concerns in its own SOTU response, emphasizing foreign policy, say, instead of spending cuts and the coming debt apocalypse. It didn’t. It went directly at those concerns by tapping Paul Ryanto give the address, a choice greeted with wide approval from grassroots conservatives if our commenters are representative….

As such, having Bachmann deliver some sort of “shadow” conservative response to Obama will achieve one of two things. Either it’ll be redundant by duplicating most of the same points that Ryan makes or,

if she says something incendiary that the media ends up slobbering over the next day, it’ll overshadow his speech entirely.

Or, actually, I suppose there’s a third option — that this will be as much a response to Ryan as it is to Obama, emphasizing that his plan to cut $60 billion this year (and maybe his vote for TARP?) simply isn’t good enough. She’s handing the media a post-SOTU “GOP divided!..”.

This is one night. Only one night. Let deficit-hawk Paul Ryan speak to it, and Bachmann respond the next day.

  • I think it will be the third option. And I ask why should she have to wait until the next day? Are her opinions not as valuable as Ryans? Is the GOP afraid of another opinion?
    Frankly I’d love to hear Herman Cain’s opinion since he is the one with business experience.

    • Hi Ticker, I think we ideally have one ticket from which to choose our candidate. Paul Ryan is the choice to lead the House Budget Committee. I think Republicans should have their night, which includes Bachmann being a part of that. I expect Ryan to be powerful, and if his plan is not stiff enough then that’s the time to come out with it. It’s not about her right to do it, of course, and I’m sure there will be plenty of other GOP opinions. I would also like to hear Cain’s thoughts.

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  • I just linked you. I don’t get this. Sounds to me like the beginnings of a third party. I don’t like the sound of that.

    • LC, I hope the House and the Senate Republicans will make it clear that we do not need a third party by showing us that conservatism is their goal. I think we have a good start on that track. I think this is untimely on Bachmann’s part. Of course, she just accepted an invitation, but I think it sets the wrong tone – for the SOTU.

  • I think its good for the GOP to remember who put them back in the majority, it wasn’t the same old Republicans…….

    • Randy, I feel the same way, I just think we should give the leadership a chance for one night. I think we know Ryan’s roadmap, if he is still adhering to it, falls short. It just seems combative to me, IF Bachmann is critical, to do it in the same night. But, whatever, it’s not the end of the world. It won’t be more than a blink whatever happens.

  • Demolition of the old GOP is in order, now as to if that requires a Third Party, that will remain to be seen. I don’t see the Tea Party becoming a third party and would rather they didn’t for once they do, they will become just another bunch of the same old same old. They need to stay a movement, a strong movement that will keep a new and revised GOP answerable to the American People. Hell fire and damnation preaching is often needed to bring sinners to repentance and I see that as a role for the Tea Party movement. Let the GOP feel the heat and smell the sulfur, and brimstone. Lord knows there are a lot of GOP’ers that need a good trip to the altar and crying for repentance and redemption.
    OH, can I get an AMEN!

  • I agree ticker. Just like I love Palin’s voice in the arena, the Tea Party is invaluable to our future. I am so grateful for them and their hard work.