Mass Murder, Communications Blackouts in Suez, Egypt: The Day of the Infatada is Here

“Tomorrow is the Day of the Infatada,”  said a spokesman for The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, Egypt. This minute it is already tomorrow there, January 28th. The sun rises in about two hours at 6:43 a.m. or about 10:45 p.m. CDT on the 27th of January. See Updates 1-18-11 below.

Suez, Egypt

As the Egyptian government shutdown the Internet and Twitter after a man was shot down on a Suez street, the unnamed spokesman mentioned above says The Brotherhood is encouraging those ages 15 to 30 to take part inprotests throughout the country.

The city on the Mediterranean [Alexandria], long Egypt’s gateway to the outside world, has mirrored the country’s steady erosion over decades of authoritarian rule. It has gone from being a cosmopolitan showcase to a poor, struggling city that evokes barely a vestige of its former grandeur. The New Year’s bombing of a Coptic church here was a reminder of the direction of the city, identified by European intelligence services as a hub for radicalizing students who come to study Arabic. Many of the most radical Salafists — those who would support the use of violence — were arrested by the government after the bombing.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry reportedly issued a statement blaming the protests on The Muslim Brotherhood. The rest of the world is reporting that the youth are revolting against police brutality, unemployment, lack of freedom of speech, food inflation and generally poor living conditions.

This only 28 days after a car bomb in Alexandria directly attacked the Coptic Christian Saints Church, killing twenty-one.

Please hop over to American Perspective. Opus has information on the communications blackouts. In Suez, it appears the Internet, Twitter, cells and landlines have gone black.

One YouTube commenter said “they are committing a mass murder.” Others are asking for news, and for us to report what is going on. Click on the link above and Visit America Perspective. Let’s see if we can tell the world that today in Egypt is the “Infatada” – so sayeth the Muslim Brotherhood.

Update 1-28-11: The “infatada” is in full bloom in the streets across Egypt today. The Hosni Mubarak government has called a curfew, which no one is adhering. The military took the streets in tanks today, and one analyst said the protestors were happy to see them as the police response has been brutal. Prayers are needed for Israel as they deal with the violence on their borders. More as updates are available.

If you are looking for information on The Muslim Brotherhood, ignore the mainstream media. The Middle East Forum has a good article here and another at Discover the Networks.

Violent Protests in Egypt’s Major Cities (videos)

  • If the current Egyptian government falls it will be a rerun of the 1979 Iranian coup. Look to see the Muslim Brotherhood take power, and the first thing they have said they will do is to revoke the peace treaty with Israel.

    Prepare for another Mid-East war with Egypt leading the way.

  • I must say I am worried for Israel as well.

    Thanks for the linkage, Maggie.

    This is why armed revolution is dangerous. Much worse than elections. Not just for the inestimable price of the lives lost, but also because it is like throwing all the cards up in the air. You don’t know who will land on top. Often the most brutal will prevail in violent situations. Not necessarily a boon to the average citizen. But depending on how brutal the prior regime is, maybe a betterment. We shall see.

  • I was just reading in the Israeli paper that Mubarak is expected to easily maintain his position… he’s very well rooted politically in the security forces and military, and will have to show any street muscle necessary if it doesn’t calm down

    It also said quieter in general today, except in the town of Suez- he won’t go without a fight, is ruthless, and has all the power

  • I fear that many are rooting for the wrong side in this one…

    EGYPT: Be Careful What You Wish For…

    [Maggie’s Notebook linked]

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  • This is very hard. The Muslim Brotherhood taking over would definitely be bad. But Egypt does need true democratic reform and true freedom of religion.

    How can they get there?

    Even without the MB running the government in Egypt today, much of their government, laws, courts, etc, stem from Islam.

    Non-Muslims in Egypt, especially the Christians, suffer dhimmi persecution and discrimination even with the current government in power.

    Our U.S. government sells, gives $ millions in aid, much of it military to Egypt.

    And when the Egyptian army trains for war, they do it with the view of Israel as the enemy.

    We should make that aid conditional on true reform and true freedom of religion.

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