Mary Bono Mack Edra Blixseth: Scandal Pic with Millionaire Female

If the stories are true, the widow of Sonny Bono, Mary Bono Mack is party girl. And the party girl is a U.S. Congresswoman representing California’s 45th District. She is a Republican. A photo is circulating the web allegedly showing millionairess Edra Blixseth licking Mary’s breast. Mack, 49, represents the Palm Springs area. She is married to Congressman Connie Mack IV (R-FL-14th). Mack IV is the son of former Republican Congressman Connie Mack III.

Connie Mack IV and Mary Bono Mack

The photo does not clearly show Bono-Mack’s face. The women are dressed. The photo is said to be about four years old. Bono-Mack was elected to Congress in 2003 from California’s 44th District, now the 45th District. The event where the licking went on has been characterized as an “out-of-control” party.

Bono Mack and Blixseth are longtime friends, Blixseth and her ex-husband, Tim Blixseth, have also been political supporters. According to, the Blixseths donated at least $4,500 to Bono Mack’s re-election efforts.

Besides those financial contributions, the congresswoman has used the Blixseth estate to host several political fundraisers. That includes a 2007 event for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign.

In February 2008, Edra Blixseth hosted a wedding reception for the congresswoman and Rep. Connie Mack of Florida. Nearly 200 guests attended that event, which was held two months after their Ashville, N.C. wedding ceremony.

The FBI is investigating Blixseth’s “financial activities.”

  • She should be fired next round of elections. And the voters should tell her loudly why they are kicking her out.

    • Billy Edens

      I like Mary and Connie Mack…both good folks