Mark Turner News: US Observer Takes on Mark Turner Case

There is news about Mark Turner tonight. To refresh your memory, Mark and his family live in Pensacola, Florida. Mark was sent to prison in September 2010 after losing his appeal. The charges are confusing, but the main conviction was money-laundering [his own money]. Looking at all the court documents – a mountain of them are available online – Mark was framed…or said another way, knowingly unjustly convicted.

Mark Turner

A few months ago, a reader, whose name I will not disclose yet, sent me the name of an investigative group that specializes in false criminal charges. US Observer has taken Mark’s case. I believe I am correct in saying hey will be writing Mark’s Post Conviction Appeal, and taking the case to federal court.

My main writings about Mark can all be found among the black menu buttons just under my banner – or click here: Mark Turner Case. Those articles will lead you to others.

Read the US Observer’s first article on Mark Turner.  And while you are reading, keep in mind that all the court documents are online. You’ll find links to them here on my blog or on Mark’s website. Mark’s page may take a few seconds to load. What you read among my writings comes from those documents. If I give an opinion, I state that it’s my opinion. It appears the US Observer has read the same documents I’ve spent hours culling through.

The US Observer article ended with this:

We have just got our feet wet concerning this investigation – with full intentions of getting to the bottom of this apparent travesty of justice. We have been warned to “watch our backs,” that people involved in this case are fully capable of “getting rid of us.” We have one response – we are coming…

Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact Edward Snook at 541-474-7885 – all sources will be held strictly confidential.

I’m asking, again, for prayers for Mark, his wife Nancy and their three boys. This is a critical time. Update: Pensacols Will Hear About Mark Turner…Finally.