Mark Levin Tucson Shootings: Tie Me to Shootings, I Sue

Conservative radio-talker Mark Levine says if Liberals try to tie him to Jared Loughner’s Tucson murders, he will sue. He says he waiting for a very specific allegation against him, “I will drag your ass into federal court…I am going to personally depose you…I’m going to get your assets.” He names Rachel Maddows, Chris Matthers, Ed Schultz, Joe Scarborough, Keith Olbermann, David Frum (“you little weazel”). Somebody has to stand up to this, Levine says. “The laws of libel are actually older than the First Amendment.” See the video below.

Mark Levin

Mark Levine – Tie Me to Tucson Shootings and I’ll Sue (video)

  • Chris Plante had a related idea for a massive class action against anyone who smeared the TEA Party movement on air. Save your blog archive to join the class action. 🙂
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  • betsy

    What I want to know if Palin can sue NYT, etc.. She is an individual, not a group that was libeled, slandered, and defamed by all the ones Levine mentions. I hope she does. HuffPuff and all the other internet sites who printed on the net libelous content. Proof is in the comment section that Palin was harmed. I would like her to sue for billions, enough to break these yellow dogs of journalism..and if she could demand in a settlement that these sued entities not allow comment sections on her. That what shut the liberals up with their vile attacks on her. The TP wasn’t as badly defamed as Palin, the harm to Palin is obvious. Comments on yahoom etc. is proof of major harm to Palin. Not to mention the death threats that have been made against her. I would like her to really make NYTs, Huff Puff, and the MSNBC BLEED.