Marines Clebe McClary Mike Gould too Evangelical to Speak at Air Force Academy

Lt. General Mike Gould is the Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is accused of having a viewpoint “tilted” toward evangelical Christianity, and creating an environment of “proselytizing. Wounded retired Marine 1st Lt. Clebe McClary is scheduled to speak at an Academy prayer luncheon. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is objecting to McClary’s presence as a speaker, with direct objections to Gould’s leadership. The group wants Gould dismissed as Superintendent.

Lt. General Michael C. Gould

This from an Academy graduate, and the founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The website is promo-ing Liberal Alan Colmes’ radio show and features a Keith Olbermann video commentary on Military “spiritual fitness” with an appearance from Mikey Weinstein (see that video below):

“We’re done,” said academy graduate Mikey Weinstein, the foundation’s founder and a frequent foe of religious practices at the school. “Gould needs to go.”

The ACLU supports Weinstein.

Clebe McClary was wounded in Vietnam. He spent 2-1/2 years in the hospital recovering from injuries – 34 major surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy. He is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and a comment on his website is being used by organization as an example of McClary’s extremism:

Clebe McClary

McLary’s website lists testimonials from celebrities including The Rev. Billy Graham and former Denver Broncos coach Dan Reeves…

“To him, USMC will always mean a U. S. Marine for Christ,” McClary’s website says.

In the video below you’ll hear the conversation between Weinstein and Olbermann. Mentioned in that conversation is the Army’s “Spiritual Fitness Test” apparently written by a “fundamentalist agnostic.” Read that story at God and Country. The Examiner has the story of Sgt. Justin Griffith, the “foxhole” atheist mentioned in the video below.

Keith Olbermann and Mikey Weinstein Spirituality in Military (video)

  • I’m thinking there is nothing too stupid for people who hate God and America.

  • When wounded the soldier cry out for 2 people: Mommy and God.