Loretta Sanchez: Replace Gabrielle Giffords on House Armed Services Cmte

A meeting of the House Armed Services Committee ended in an uproar when Rep. Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez and Cat

(D-CA) proposed replacing committee member Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) until she is recovered from the injuries received in the January 8th Tucson shootings. Members were “outraged,” although only two member on the committee were quoted. An unnamed Republican aide said Sanchez memorialized her cat on this year’s Christmas card, and should be more sensitive to the devastating wounds Congresswoman Giffords received.

For several years, Sanchez has featured her cat prominently on her Christmas holiday cards. In 2010, the cat died. See the memorial here. Note that , unlike you and I, we pay for our “holiday” cards and postage. Not so for Sanchez; she handed in a receipt for $149,574  for holiday card mailing expenses in 2003. Imagine that cost today. No problem though, The Committee to Re-Elect Loretta Sanchez picked-up the tab.

There is more about replacing Giffords below, but this story is pertinent, if true, because it seems Sanchez has a thing for men named John who are also lobbyists or have affiliated interests that she might help with through her committee work.

From the Latino Politics Blog linked above, Sanchez reportedly had an affair with her assigned military escort, a married man, named as John P. Einwechter, whose connection to the military should have quashed any thought of a liason on both sides, but didn’t. Evenutally he left the military, joined a law firm and “chose to focus his practice on Defense and Homeland Security issues. ”

Lobbying can become easier when one’s significant other or spouse sits on the committees that his clients seek to influence…

Since 2005, according the lobbying profile database at OpenSecrets.org, Einwechter has represented Heckler and Koch. Heckler and Koch manufactures firearms that are used by the Department of Homeland Security, again a government entity over which Congresswoman Sanchez has critical oversight.

Once more with feeling, Latino Politics Blog reports another lobbyist and another affair, naming this time John Saylor, Director of Federal Programs, Maritime Sector for Halcrow, Inc.. Saylor reportedly deals “with issues relating to port security, which may come before the Congresswoman’s subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism,” a part of the Homeland Security Committee.

From Cockroach People (concerning the “affairs”):

I tried to contact Congresswoman Sanchez’ press person three times but to no avail.  I made it clear that I was an independent blogger in Chicago that was worried about the  damage that this rumor had begun to have on her reputation as a Latina leader.  I even said that our Chicago readers were eager to hear her side of the story.  But my calls have been unanswered.  Her office did not even offer a “no comment at this time.”

Given the numerous adultery scandals that have cost many men key positions (e.g. Sanford’s national chairmanship, Eliot Spitzer’s governorship, John Edwards’ candidacy), Sanchez would be one of the first (if not the first) women to be taken down by an adultery scandal;…

A small detour there, but perhaps one worth knowing about, because we are talking about our Homeland Security and our Armed Forces.

Back to replacing Congresswoman Giffords, from The Daily Caller:

Sanchez told her Democratic colleagues on the committee that every vote would be crucial, and since there was little indication Giffords would return soon, they should seek a replacement.

An unnamed Democrat aide said he thinks Sanchez has forgotten what it is like to be in the minority?

“Minority loses whether you have one more vote or not.

With campaign contributions made to Sanchez from both of the men above, I can see that every Democrat committee vote does count for Loretta Sanchez. Sweet though, that she wanted to protect Gabby Giffords “seniority.” Thanks to Weasel Zippers