Krauthammer: Do Nothing About ObamaCare: Steven King: Somebody’s Going to Blink

Charles Krauthammer is continuing to say that defunding ObamaCare is a bad idea, will be a trap for Republicans and “death by a thousand papercuts” for the GOP. Just after Christmas, Krauthammer said if  the people do not see the graft and corruption in the Bill firsthand, they will never believe it was loaded with it. He would be for defunding, he says, but  there is no clean way to do it. Krauthammer is embracing defeat before the battle begins. Far more important are the words of Rep. Steven King, who say “somebody’s going to blink.” See those remarks below.

Charles Krauthammer

Other than killing the mandate, Krauthammer believes defunding one tenant at a time will add to the “chaos and incoherence of it,” and the GOP will be blamed in 2012.

He does understand that If the Courts rule that the mandate is illegal (unconstitutional) that will kill it. The Bill cannot survive with its funding gone. Without every American being forced to buy ObamaCare, there is zero money to run this egregious plan. Krauthammer does not believe the Court’s decision will come in a timely manner.

I disagree with him, as I did on December 27th. If a giant squid has you penned on the ocean floor, you start chopping at the tentacles if you have the opportunity. You go for the nose, the eyes and the belly while chopping away.

As Rep. Michele Bachman suggests, “zero-out funding for the 16,500 IRS agents to be hired to make certain you and I buy this plan designed to do nothing more than control the American people. Sixteen thousand five hundren government AGENTS to force you to play or pay. 16,500!.”Zero that out in our budget,” says Bachmann.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told Townhall columnists Terry Jeffrey that every appropriations Bill the Republican-majority passes should include language barring funding of ObamaCare.

“Each appropriations bill that comes through, we need to put language in it that prohibits any of the dollars that are appropriated in those funds — and I would add to that any funds heretofore appropriated — from being used to implement or enforce Obamacare,” said King.

In the end, Obama must either sign these bills and defund Obamacare, or the Republican-majority House must send him bills shorn of the language defunding Obamacare.

“Somebody’s going to blink,” King told me. “It’ll be President Obama, or it’ll be House Republicans.

“If House Republicans refuse to blink, we will succeed,” said King.

Republicans must not wait. We are Americans. We fight corruption in our own government. We don’t play games. The day we do not, is the day America dies. We’ve been too close to death, far too often, in the past years. We must strike now, to hell with psychology. Let’s do the right thing. Is it possible Krauthammer believes ObamaCare will help his health situation? Just asking… See the O’Reilly Krauthammer video at Fox Nation.

  • I am getting tired of Charles. He is getting a lot of attention since he is traveling down his own road, and I think he is starting to feel the head swell. To think for a nano second we can wait until 2012 and stop this fiasco in its track is beyond rational thought. Private health insurance companies will be long gone, and/or businesses will have forgone insurance for their employees.

    • Bunkerville, Krauthammer reminds me of Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly’s enthusiastic bowing to Liberals has won him another interview with Obama. I don’t know what Krauthammer is after other than contrarianism, but he is wrong on this one. You are exactly right – we’ve already lost insurance companies, physicians, benefits and we’re only one year into the law.

  • Of late, Krauthammer has been talking like a man who has been co-opted, compromised, bought off. He certainly has eased up on Obama. This is just another example.

    • sandstone, it drives me crazy that conservatives are the only analysts that ever do this. Liberals can’t stick it to Juan Willams enough to get him to budge. But Krauthammer…he does seem to be compromised.

  • Westie

    For goodness sakes….Wake Up! Krauthammer is not and has never been a conservative and the sooner the scales are removed from the eyes of traditional conservatives (read Conscience of a Conservative, Edmund Burke, Hayek, )you will continue to follow the Ruling Class moles such as Kraut, O’Bore, Nat Review, Weakly Standard, etal. Wake Up and return to the roots of Conservatism. The only good news about the Debt/Budget Ceiling scrum is the highlight cast the true nature of this debate we face only one political party and it is composed of Big Gov R’s and Big Gov D’s.