Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten: Powers Credits Bush for Death Panels

In 2008 George W. Bush VETOED a bill that included paying for “end of life counseling.” The story raging over the InterTubes is that Bush enacted the law without a veto. That’s not true. Congress overrode a Bush veto, and then Bush had no choice but to sign it into law. Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers insists the veto is not true. She credits Bush with Death Panels. She is wrong, again.

Kirsten Powers

Veto Override – Senate – H.R. 6331

Veto Override – Senate – H.R. 6331

Under the new ObamaCare, the feds will pay doctors to hold “end-of-life-care” discussions. Such discussions provide payment to doctors not through the legislation, but through rules currently being written.  ObamaCare could not pass as legislation with “end of life care” in the bill, so it was removed from the bill.

No worries, however, this corrupt administration is simply deeming it so through the written rules that will govern how ObamaCare works and is funded.

Liberals and their adoring media are blaming crediting end-of-life counseling go George W. Bush. They credit the man who fought to defeat it, but was forced to sign the legislation into law.

If you are a Democrat, are you ignoring that your man, Obama, tried to get end- of-life counseling into his health care law and couldn’t. Do you get it? It’s not law! Even Democrats didn’t want it.

Susan Hillier at BigGovernment tells us how the veoted, but overridden 2008 bill, was written:

The bill dealt with doctors’ reimbursements and more, but the Democrats slipped in the end-of-life planning by opening up the Social Security Act, which I have stated many times is dangerous. Once the act is changed, it is difficult to amend again and allows for tinkering with the Medicare fee schedule and covered services definitions and requirements

(1) IN GENERAL- Section 1861(ww) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395x(ww)) is amended–

(A) in paragraph (1)–

(i) by inserting ‘body mass index,’ after ‘weight’;

(ii) by striking ‘, and an electrocardiogram’; and

(iii) by inserting ‘and end-of-life planning (as defined in paragraph (3)) upon the agreement with the individual’ after ‘paragraph (2)’;

Do you see the irony here? Democrats are ducking behind Bush, using him dishonestly, to take the heat off of themselves.

Kirsten Powers appeared on Hannity last week when Tucker Carlson filled-in. Here’s the transcript of that discussion about “end-of-life” legislation, or the lack of it. I’ll have the video soon.

Transcript courtesy of Hot Air:

SCHLAPP: And government itself, let me tell you, the language here right, the language is different. They made the language worse, instead of doing this once every five years, now the Obama administration is allowing this to happen every year and actually reimbursing doctors to do it every year. So, that’s quite a slight of hand. And doesn’t government — aren’t they a little conflicted here? They have to find this huge health care savings for seniors at the same time they’ve become the counselors to seniors in their end of care decisions?

POWERS: Where was your outrage in 2008 when the Bush administration said that Medicare would reimburse end of life counseling?

SCHLAPP: It was a veto that was overridden by the Democrats. So, I give President Bush credit for vetoing that bill.

POWERS: No, it was a 2008 law. I mean, I don’t know what are talking about.

SCHLAPP: Yes, that became law over the president’s veto.

POWERS: No, that’s not true.

Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten! (read the entire transcript here.)

If you partially fund health care with the early death of seniors or critically ill, then these discussion turn into death panels.

Absent that, Obama’s recess appointment of Donald Berwick (a Democrat senate wouldn’t confirm him) is a champion of rationing which can create it’s own brand of government death panels.

Berwick has said collective overriding individual self-interest can reduce per capita costs, for-profit entrepreneurial providers of medical imaging, renal dialysis and outpatient surgery may find their business opportunities “constrained,” under his plan, and he would standardize health care to “above clinician autonomy,” [independent of the doctor’s advice, or free from the doctor’s advice]. That will be Government’s autonomy.

Berwick is Obama’s man. Democrats didn’t want him. Obama had to force him into the position of heading-up Medicare and Medicaid.

This has been a tough year for Kirsten Powers. Remember this? The blonde bombs again.

  • Maybe she needs another Megyn Kelly come to Jesus meeting? Bout time for one.

    • Hi Jake, happy new year! I think Democrats have so many lying talking points distributed to them that they can’t keep up. Kirsten is clearly not doing her own homework.

  • It’s much to do about nothing, as discussing end of life care is not the Death Panels. The IPAB is.

    • I believe it is more than that Matt. We don’t know what the IPAB will be tied into or how it will be used. These people write what they want into what they want. All of it reeks of disdain of the weak. We’ve heard it from Ezekiel Emmanuel and Donald Berwick. They will do whatever it takes, and our families will be removed from the decision-making.

  • Another DA libtard with BDS. When are these fools going to stop blaming Bush for everything? The Alinsky rules for finding a target and banging on it isn’t working so well anymore. Maybe they just need to credit the American people for having enough sense to reject Obama’s BS socialist agenda.

    Death panels is in HR 1 Matt

    You read , you decide.

    • Ticker, I think the irony is that they want the end of life discussions (no motive behind that, right?) and are crediting Bush with it. They are grasping at straws.

  • Although a pretty gal, I woukl enter Powers under the definition of stupid Blondie (natural hair color or not).

    For one to assert that knowing what you astutely point out is beyond ignorance.

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  • Okay, the discussion of what does or does not constitute death panels aside, why is Kirsten Powers so dense that she can not admit what the truth really is? I swear, some of these people would blame George W. Bush if the moon went dark.

    • LD, I think she was just wrong. Her talking points were wrong. I’d love to know if she did her own research.

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  • Kristen Powers is a lovely women, but a higher order dunderhead, too.

  • This is disappointing. I hate to disagree with King Shamus, but Kirsten is not dumb, and before this little episode, she had a pretty good reputation for intellectual honesty.

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  • Doomed

    Death panels are sure and certain population control. No less so than Redistributing wealth for global warming and Abortion.

    Cutting 500 billion dollars from Medicare and LETTING THE LEFT GET AWAY WITH IT… egregious. The right must make the left pay for this till 2020 and beyond.

    By 2020 many of those who agreed with death panels will be facing those same death panels and wondering what they were thinking.

    • The GOP, Boehner, I think, has said the $500B will be restored to Medicare. I heard someone in the Senate talking about “lockbox” legislation again. We need to do that and remind everyone that Democrats killed it last time around.

      I believe Palin aptly described just what these “population controls” are – they are death panels.

      Thanks for the comment Doomed. Happy New Year!

  • Shamus, Silver, Christopher, I’ve watched Kirsten Powers for a number of years now. She used to be of more moderate persuasion, or at least more moderate in her reasoning. She was not an Obama supporter until she had to be. Now I think she struggles to be genuine when she’s on. I also believe she is being pushed to be a stronger advocate for the administration.

    She looked so bad when Megyn Kelly got all over her, and Megyn couldn’t help it. She tried to get Powers to back off, (and Powers was very, very wrong about the Black Panthers and the DOJ, of all embarrassing things to be wrong about) but Powers dug in. Megyn was right in everything she said, and it was obvious Megyn was surprised. This wasn’t planned for publicity.

    I believe Kirsten really didn’t know that Bush vetoed the Bill. She didn’t do her research, or someone didn’t do it for her.