Kate Walsh Bristol Palin: Boycott Bristol Palin and Abstinence

Kate Walsh, an actress on Private Practice, is encouraging girls and women, boys and men to boycott Bristol Palin’s panel appearance to discuss “sexual responsibility” at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Hollywood publicist, Angie Meyer, believes Walsh and her oh no! not abstinence cry is targeting Bristol because of her “controversial” last name. Continuing with that theme, Walsh was a supporter of Barack Obama and his “Yes We Can” campaign. She appeared in a “Yes We Can campaign video. She also rallied the troops for Obama in Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Update: Washington University cancels Bristol Palin’s participation on the “sexual responsibility” panel. Palin will be replaced with a physician.

Kate Walsh

Walsh is a member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Bristol is the Teen Abstinence Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation.

“The celeb-left won’t leave the Palin family alone. Bristol Palin is an advocate for sexual responsibility, and like any other public figure on the speaking circuit, she is paid to represent the cause,” Meyer explained. “Celebrities and reality stars are paid also paid millions to attend club openings and parties. Perhaps if Kate Walsh was more concerned with troubled celebrities getting paid to attend alcohol-sponsored parties, and less worried about celebrity youth advocates earning speaker fees, her opinions might be taken seriously.”

Walsh is catching some heat from her Tweets, according to this article from Fox Entertainment, and as that heat rolls in, she asks if her critics are “communists.” It is time we started calling people like Kate Walsh child predators. They are predatory…there is no denying it. They have their abortions, so what is behind this other than killing off the prospect of a Sarah Palin presidency? Why is abstinence so abhorrent to people like Kate Walsh – other than a decline in funds to Planned Parenthood?

In fact, Walsh received quite a bit of heat on her Twitter page, prompting the actress to respond:“I’m not attacking anyone, freedom to tw’eet. Isn’t our country great? Or r YOU a communist?”

Some students are unhappy that Palin might be paid to appear. Others are not happy that Bristol’s opinion may be silenced. A spokesman for the University says the school did not invite Palin, the Student Health Advisory Committee issued the invitation. Lesson: never, ever expect University officials to stand on principle, and the good of the students.

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  • Maggie …

    Who better than Bristol to speak about abstinence? She found out thru a “life lesson” what the opposite can mean. I personally believe she is a well rounded young role model and I’m not speaking of her looks.

    As far as “Planned Parenthood” is concerned … they should be outlawed.

    And I’m sick and tired of Hollywood setting our moral standards. God help us.

  • There went Kate’s chance at a Thursday Nite Tart gig……Heh.

  • She’s got a point… I’m boycotting abstinence, starting tonight lol

  • Walsh is a whore with the morals of the same. She like the rest of the Hollywood idiots should be boycotted against. Don’t watch their shows, movies, etc… If they don’t make money for the studios, they will be dumped faster than a truck load of garbage.